Making the Band 3

guys you have to help me find out what is the name of the song
it was in making the band 3 when p diddy came to the girls house was talking something and then went out
after that in the background was a nice rock/guitar/metal music with nice vocal....and i dont know whats the name of you know what is it ?? help guys

it was in the "Do NOT Dance in the Back" part 2 episode when p diddy was leaving the girls room and then the songs hard rock/metal/rock and nice vocal....pls help me

guys just watch out the MTV Base pls
there is an episode everyday when p diddy came to girls house in his black suit with white stripes and he started talking "im gonna push you hard girls next day's or something like that" then good luck and went out after that music started
like hard rock/metal/rock and nice vokal
it was in the "do not dance in the back" episode i think
watch it tomorrow pls

i remember some lyrics but not too much....
breaking sound....
Anyone remember the song playing in the background during the photoshoot while naomi campbell was giving the girls pointers?

heres the video of what im talking about:

i looked up "GIRL ON TV" and all i could find was by an artist or group called LFO and that was deff not the song at all. so anyone else????