Making the Band 3

there is a song that is played throughout the season and they replayed it during the finale when the girls are in the dance studio practicing when diddy comes in. there were 3 songs played...this one, ciara's one,two step and the milkshake song. does anyone know the first one?
the only thing i can remember is its a girls voice and she says something like " when things were so right..."

I'd love to know #4 too. It's while the girls are riding back to the house about 30 mins into the show.
same here with #4. i will watch it the next time it shows and try to listen for more lyrics
does anyone know the song after the girls practice in the studio for diddy, and they are all at the house getting ready.?
some lyrics go sorta like :: "for someone to win, somebody had to lose. did it have to be you?"

I downloaded it on Morpheus and i looked under "lets go" and if you look down then its called "Naive, lets go, you can't do what i do, and in control" or somethin glike that. But they put all the songs together. They are just clips and stuff but its a good start
I don't know the answer to this question, but the song used when the girl's were looking at the outfits for the performance is "Supermodel Robot" by The Network.
I am looking for a song that i have heard multiple times over and over again but cant figure it out, I know the lyrics are

Whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah or something to that nature

1. Heard it on pimp my ride episode 401

2. My super sweet sixteen Triplets episode- it is the opening song of the episode

3. Recently just heard it on MTV during the gauntlet 2 i believe second episode

if that ^ isn't the right song, you should add some more details about the song: male/female vocals, genre/type of music, etc...
also it isnt butch walker i read the lyrics and the words or line i wrote on the first post are no where in that song, like i said almsot sounds like offspring very close to sounding like them
dude that is totally the song ( my way- butch walker)!!!!! i have been looking for that song from so many different shows

When Diddy is interviewing the girls (right before he sends them dancing - only later to call them to practice) there is a song with a great bass beat.

Its a rap song, and the lyrics I heard were like ''pop up in the wagon on 20 inch shoes'' but i cant find it anywhere!

Any ideas?
Making the Band

Hello. I've been trying to find out the name of this song for awhile. It played on episode 2 I believe after the last group finished performing their song on the sidewalk in New York.

Link to video clip [If this is permitted]

I hope someone knows this one as there are no words, but the music sounds beautiful and somewhat familiar :)

Nevermind, I have found the song - and its great LOL

Its called "Rock the Party" by Benzino