Crown Theaters "Theme song"


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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, and after digging around on google the only information I could find was a thread on this forum from 15 years ago of someone asking the same question and unfortunately not really getting anywhere (which is how I found this forum) so if it's not the place for it I apologize.

Okay, so I am trying to find the little intro ad from the old Crown movie theaters that would play with their dancing lion mascot to the song "Making my way back to you Crown" instead of "Making my way back to you babe". I have dug around on google, youtube, threads on various forums of people discussing and posting various theater intro ads and I cannot find anything Crown related. This song seems to pop back into my head once in a while and none of my friends seem to really remember it but it brings me back to my childhood and would love to be able to hear the original song again. Hoping anyone here may have an idea about this, or at least an idea of maybe a better place to ask if this is not the place. The thread from 15 years ago linked to a cinema forum that has since shut down so I cannot try to go there.

Hoping I might be able to put an end to this long search or at least find a lead, thanks!
Do you know if it exists anywhere on the internet? Been trying to google and search youtube and can't seem to find any clips or anything related to it except for a couple random forum posts like this from years ago, I guess getting the name potentially is more than anything else I've found.