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Would someone be so kind as to tell me the name of the music that plays in this trailer around the time when Mr. Brosnan is heard to remark "Come on in. Cubicle two is free, I believe."

My sincere and undying gratitude to any who can help. I have searched far and wide for this music and only now is my quest nearing its climax. Soon the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and the yearning, sweaty pulsation from within my eardrums will lie quenched and vacant.

My hat is tipped in your general direction, sirs. Dissapoint my hat not.


William Von Goldschmythan, fifth heir to the Dutch Crown
Can none aid me? It seems almost classical in nature, but packed with a salty tango punch.

Song and situation: Both amiss?! Both unsung and untold before their dawn?!

In five days I will send horses.


William Von Goldschmythan, fifth heir to the Dutch Crown
You're kinda weird, dude. :lol:
I checked but nothing so far, just look back there in a few weeks or so and see if it's been added.
No need to dispatch the horses.
Send thee also both men and shovels stout or get thee and thy horses gone. :lol:
Ditto the weird thing but hey it's cool. Good luck with your search. :p
Man, this is entertaining. Royalty at adtunes? It makes me wonder if any celebrities have ever checked this site out!

PS that's one cool avatar! It's up there with Lou's!
hahahahahahaha I look at this dude's avatar, and I try not to laugh. But it's so hard!
My patience grows shorter than Napoleon on anti-stilts. The man who finds it will be rewarded upon reciept with a single gold piece.


William Von Goldschmythan, fifth heir to the Dutch Crown
Your gold piece will no doubt be as substantial as your horses but your persistance is indeed impressive.
Ok, it sounds very much like "March of the Swivelheads" by The English Beat which can be heard in the movie "Ferris Buellers Day Off." It is the music playing as Ferris runs through his neighborhood in an attempt to arrive home in advance of his parents. However, I cannot be certain as there seemingly exists no soundtrack for either film.
To me, the piece seems to have started earlier than the "come in.. cubicle two" bit... it sounds more jazzy than classical/tango. I'll start a search for some tunes that have string bass and horns.
Yeah, I heard that too but figured it for two seperate scores. If you listen to the whole thing the music changes three or four times I think. *shrugs*

If I may be so blunt,

William Von Goldschmythan, fifth heir to the Dutch Crown
Thank you for your assistance. I doubt it was score music.

I fear this thread was in vain, though. Especially now that my kingdom has been overrun due to my inhability to find the song and devoting the entire infantry to the guarding of this site.


William Von Goldschmythan, fifth heir to the Dutch Crown
Yeah but it was oh so typical of that dude. In fact if he hadn't said something odd...
Now THAT would've been odd. :rolleyes:
I think its an act :ph34r: hahaha, jk. I don't know what i think, i am confused :)