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I am loking for the artist and the name of a theme song from a show that use to come on MTV. The show was called 3 South and it was a cartoon. The show did not last too long MTV and if I am not mistaken it was shown in the early 2000's, around the time when MTV still showed Clone High. The main characters were 2 guys who attended college and they were complete idiots, lol. Those are the only descriptions that I have from the show; I forgot some of the words that were sang in the theme song. If anyone has any ideas to what song I am referring to please post them :).
The show's theme song is The Flaming Lips' song "Fight Test" from the album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

you can watch it on youtube

Thank you so much. I have watched a few episodes on YouTube, but at that time I didn't think to see if the artist name popped up. Thanks again :D!