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Aight heres whats up. i just watched the Valcano high show that came on today at 9 on MTV. Besides all the dubbing the show was really sick it took regular shows id say to another level, animation put matrix to shame in some ways. But let me get to the real question while watching this flick some scenes had some way past sweet music that was kicken. Unfortunatly i wasnt able to right down any of the music as they went by in the credits. I'm sure that someone out there recorded this and should be able to hook us up with the beats. I know alot of it was rap but some of the stuff was techno and thats what i'm trying to focus on most. Thanx. :ph34r:
A movie called "Volcano High" that was dubbed with hip-hop celebrity's and it aired on Mtv december of 2003.

There is a part where 2 gangs students and the teachers are inside a small restaurant I believe, and the teachers challenge the lead gang member(jang yang) of the students to drink a large gallon of milk against one of the teacher's gang members.

The background music was some type of hip hop, and I beleive the lyrics went like this " what we gon do right here right now, take up your seats and put your drinks down"

Ive been looking everywhere but I have no clue whats the title or artist. :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ive heard it numerous times before, on mtv pimp my ride show and and vh1.
Its a males voice, in the lyrics it went like this, " what we gon do, lets party right now, take up your seats and put your drinks down" you might of heard it before, tell me if you think you know what is called.
Volcano High (Hiphop dub) 2003

I've been searching for this one particular instrumental from the redubbed Korean film Volcano High for years now.
if you watch/listen to that video starting at 2:17, you'll know what I'm talking about. I think the producer of that beat is Just Blaze, but I haven't found that track under his name in any of his beats. So please if someone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.