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they played a song with maybe 5 minutes left in the show during a surgical scene where they were going to fix a brain annuerism. they played the music over various scenes for about 30-45 seconds. anyone recognize it? the website for grays anatomy is supposed to post their music list after the show, but so far it hasn't shown up.
There were two other songs that played, 'They' by Jem and 'Into The Fire' by Thirteen Senses.
The sing that played during Katie's aneurysm surgery was "Life Is Short" by Butterfly Boucher.
wondering if anyone knows the song used in the opening credits for the episode. its when they show all the medical equipment ,
it has sort of a minimal techno sound.
I agree! I really want to know more about that song. I really love the intro! It's quite fun. I remembered part of the lyrics, which are, "Nobody knows where they might end up," but I can't find a match yet. Anyone know?
Heyy also does anyone know the song that played at the END of the episode? it sounded sooo familiar!! i absolutely loved it!! pllleeaassseee someone help!
I'm also dying to know what another song from last night's episode (episode 2) was.. it was pretty, and sung by a guy, and I think it went something like "wait til the dawn is here, wait til the sky is blue, wait til you know for sure".. maybe not in that order though. it sounded like a pretty obscure song, does anyone recognize it?
Ooh god no. The songs used in last night's episode:

Tegan and Sara - You Wouldn't Like Me
Ditty Bops - Sister Kate
The Cardigans - Live and Learn
Get Set Go - Wait
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
yesss that's it, the get set go song. thank you so much! now the problem is, I can't find it anywhere. it's not on their only album.. does anyone happen to know if they have an EP or something with the song "wait" on it?
i dont need the postal service song.
this song has female vocals
and is shown in the opening credits for the episodes.
if someone else wants to post about another song used in a episode, please do so in another topic. that way this post remains what it should be about
Do you mean it's the theme song for the show? If it's appearing at the start of every episode, I assume so -- don't watch the show, so I don't have an answer though. :(

Edit to add: I found this --
The song used in the opening scene is called "Portions For Foxes" by the band Rilo Kiley

maybe that's what you're looking for? Audio sample available here, track 3.
Portions for Foxes was used in the show, but is not the theme song. I'm looking for the theme song as well, but have had no luck.

I believe the lyrics are "Nobody knows where they might end up. Suppose you'll never know."
I too am wondering about this song. Can someone please help?

I'm wondering if anyone knows.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy Sunday April 3rd, when during the
opening credits I heard this song. Does anyone know this song?

Lyrics are:

"Nobody knows where they might end up
no body knows
Oh oh suppose they never know"

Don't know if this is the theme song, but give it a listen it might be...

"They" by jem

Hope it helps