1. E

    Station 19

    I have searched through hell and back and cannot find what song is used in this Station 19 promo: View:
  2. rmehrotr2801

    Grey's Anatomy Season 19

    I want to know what music was used in Grey's Anatomy season 19 episode 7. Does anyone know what song it is? This is the song link- View:
  3. D

    For the People

    Anyone know the song that plays over this promo?
  4. A

    American Housewife

    Does anyone know the music at the end (starts at 1:46)? Thanks!
  5. A

    O.J. Made in America Part 5, the final part, opening thirty seconds or more, it is of a musical score that I have heard before in another famous movie but I can't remember which one it is, does anybody know which movie this piece of score music is from? Thanks.
  6. C

    Blood and Oil

    Anyone know the song from the latest commercial? Saw it last week. Some lyrics: Do I look like the (then a few words I can't make out) type? A female vocalist... thanx!
  7. M

    ABC Wide World of Sports

    Anyone know the name of the tune in this promo? I'm almost certain it was an instrumental hit in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I think it's a bit too refined to have been recorded just for the show.
  8. F

    The Muppets

    pls pls pls can someone tell me the name of the songs being played in this trailer especially in the beginning
  9. X

    NBA on ABC

    I've always wondered if there was a song name for the background track that the NBA plays during its copyright promo. I would love to hear the full track if it exists. It's in the first 10 seconds of the video.
  10. Skinkybob


    Scandal Season 4: Music playing when Mellie visits the grave. I need to know what the song is that plays at the end of this scene: It appears in the first 2 episode of Season 4, whenever Mellie visits the graveyard. Shazam and Soundhound don't recognize it. Some have suggested that it's "Tied...
  11. K

    ABC comedy lineup

    There's an ABC commercial that features modern family, and other Shows. I think it may be the fall lineup not sure but the song lyrics repeat "i cant go on living like this" it's driving me up the wall. Help! Please n thanks
  12. B


    I'm trying to identify which song plays at the end of ABC's Hopkins episode 2 (starting at 39:20 here: ). Any assistance would be very much appreciated!
  13. K

    How to Get Away with Murder

    music info towards the end??
  14. S

    The Great Christmas Light Fight

    Aired Monday, December 16 ABC Network 9:PM EST Episode 2- Song playing in the background during the lighting ceremony of the first family from Connecticut, the Small family. It's the second song played in the background immediately following "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" by Andy...
  15. S

    Dancing with the Stars Season 17

    About 23 minutes in, 4 troupe dancers dance to a song coming back from comercial. Female vocalist. Some lyrics: "mirror mirror on the wall who the fairest of them all I don't wanna to fuss or fight I just wanna to dance tonight" Anyone know what it is?

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

    First official trailer Music used => 0:50-2:27 : "Heart of Courage" by Two Steps From Hell 2:28-2:50 : "Freedom fighters" by Two Steps From Hell 2:58- end : "Archangel" by Two Steps From Hell
  17. H

    Grey's Anatomy Season 10

    What is the music used on the current trailer for greys anatomy song lyrics i;ll do anything for love who sings it and whats the song called?
  18. R

    The Neighbors

    I am trying to find a song from an episode of The Neighbors. It was played towards the end of Season 2, Episode 2 - 'September Fools'. Here is a soundcloud clip: Any help would be much appreciated!!
  19. E

    Once Upon a Time

    Anyone know any of the music playing throughout the promo? Especially the first and second song?
  20. M


    Does anyone know who the song is by? I initially thought Rihanna, but I think I'm incorrect. Thanks!!