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Hi everyone! :)
I was watching Cold Case on CBS the other night, when I realized the opening instrumental music was from a movie. Does anyone know what that music is, and where it's from? I swear it's been in several movie trailers, but I can't even remember which ones. :(
This is driving me nuts... any help would be supremely appreciated.
I've heard it before in a TV trailer for Unfaithful. It's called "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus.
Apparently, their music has been used in a lot of movie trailers (including the recent PLANET OF THE APES and SPIDER-MAN trailers).
by E.S. Posthumus

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At the end of Cold Case last night-10-19-2003,they played a Madonna song. Does anyone know the name of that song? Thanks
Any chance you caught a lyric or two? Don't watch the show, but I'm going to assume it was something off her new album American Life. Do any of the songs there ring a bell?
Cody, I have the answer you are looking for, for I too was looking for the same thing and the title of the song is Live To Tell, it is off her Immaculate Collection album.
The cool thing about Cold Case is that the music picked for the episodes are pieces that were released in the same year as when the original crime had occurred. Sunday's episode had the murder take place in 1990 and that is when Madonna's Immaculate Collection was released.
Glad to help. Jim
Ah, that's a good find, jrbabbitt. That will be useful for future questions about the show (especially the "circa" song year info). "Live To Tell" also happens to be the only Madonna song I like, which was originally on her True Blue album. I also remember it being used in her ex-husband Sean Penn's movie At Close Range.

Thanks for the info.
Appreciate the responses. There aren't many Madonna songs that I like, this just happens to be one of them. Again, Thanks.
Heh.. that song used to creep me out as a kid.. I think cause Sean Penn was in the video..
i was wondering? Did anyone know the name of the song played @ the end of the november 9th episode of cold case? the music usually coinsides with the time of the murder (the murder was in 1980) and the beginning of the song goes "she has a way about her" its a slow song please help!!
OK, so call me a dork, but Billy Joel *so* rocks. I am in love with that man.. :)
you're not a dork. piano man, new york state of mind, uptown girl... good stuff. B)
They can destroy our bodies and our ponchos, but they can never silence our song of protest! (singing) Uptown girl, she's been living in her white bread world.. Come on guys!!
i've always been a closet billy joel fan now i won't feel like such a dork!
I got to touch his HAND when I saw him in concert a few years ago!! Nanny nanny boo boo I know yall're jealous.. :p
Hi All I was wondering if anyone knew the song that played at the very end of the cold case episode of November 30th. I loved the song and want to buy the CD. Who is the artist and what is the song title? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!! :D