cold case

  1. krokgal

    Cold Case Season 6

    8.31.08 Cold Case, song from? This was a repeat of a previous episode, but at the end there was a great song by a male singer. "...the fight for you is all I've ever come home...". Anyone know the song and/or singer? Thanks! -Jennifer.
  2. A

    Cold Case Season 5

    At the end of tonight's Cold Case on CBS, they played "Apologize" by Timbaland & One Republic. However it was not the album version (from iTunes at least), it had an extra bass beat in the background through out the whole song. Was wondering if this was just a CBS remix, or is an actual version...
  3. M

    Cold Case Season 4

    What is the name of the piano song that plays when the mother runs with the baby out into the snow? It's NOT "Open Arms" by Journey, as that follows immediately afterwards. Thank you!
  4. O

    Cold Case Season 3

    Here's the song list for this week's Cold Case: 1) Pet Shop Boys - Always on My Mind 2) The Church - Under the Milky Way 3) Unknown song - played during the scene where Jimmy was talking with the school nurse about abortion. Anyone know it? 4) Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again 5) Howard...
  5. S

    Cold Case Season 2

    hey y'all, i was watching cold case earlier and when the woman who was killed in the episode (10/31/04) first started talking to her husband's boss, music started playing that includes the lyrics "i'm not aware of too many things - i know what i know if you know what i mean." i know i've heard...
  6. E

    Cold Case Season 1

    Hi everyone! :) I was watching Cold Case on CBS the other night, when I realized the opening instrumental music was from a movie. Does anyone know what that music is, and where it's from? I swear it's been in several movie trailers, but I can't even remember which ones. :( This is driving me...
  7. H

    Cold Case

    I was looking for (and found) the song used in the short Cold Case commercials on CTV. If anyone else was looking for it, it's called "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.