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hey y'all, i was watching cold case earlier and when the woman who was killed in the episode (10/31/04) first started talking to her husband's boss, music started playing that includes the lyrics "i'm not aware of too many things - i know what i know if you know what i mean." i know i've heard the song before and i'm pretty sure it was popular. if any one knows the name and artist of this song, could you please tell me? thanks a lot, smith.
does anyone know the song that was played during the last 5 minutes of the cold case episode on 10/31? it sounded a bit like an 80s and song, and the only lyrics i can remember are "the land of the morning star" if anyone knows it, please let me know! thanks so much! :)
yeah i think that is it, i remember hearing it on that episode.
Definitely was. Lots of good music last night actually. I have a listing of all the tunes used if someone wants it.
Hey all, I'm a big fan of the CBS show Cold Case and recently I've been trying to keep track of all the songs used in the show. Today I missed one. Here's my list for tonight's episode. The missing song had the lyrics "what you gonna do" and "you're gonna survive". It was played twice during the show... which was set in 1990 if that helps you at all. I tried google with no luck, but maybe I misheard the lyrics. So if anyone knows the missing song, let me know please. :)

REM- Stand
The La's - There She Goes
Crowded House - Something So Strong
The Bangles - In Your Room
The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
The Cure - Lullaby
Martika - Toy Soldiers
Edie Brickell - Circle of Friends

Maybe that'll answer someone else's impending question... :)
I am looking for a song that played on Cold Case on 11/7/04 it was the last song played at the end of the episode. I now it was just on tonight but I really can't remember any lines from the song, but I believe it was a female singer. Please help!!

Cherann, the songs played in the order above so the one you're looking for is probably the Edie Brickell piece "Circle of Friends". :)
Hey Folks,
I'm looking for the title of the song played at the end of a Cold Case episode some weeks back which had an all Johnny Cash soundtrack. The episode title was "The House" if that helps in any way.

Thanks for your help! :)

god this episode was so sad ERR it urked me when the parents would make the son do that to his sister !!!!!!!! But the saddest part was when Reda died I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO SAD afterwords !!!! ..... anyways
what was the song at the end of this episode ?
NVM it's edie brickell thanks
Am i the only one that thinks this was the saddest episode !!! :cry:
Yeah... but then again most criminal dramas are sad at some point, right? The little girl who played Rita in this episode was so cute and a good actress... I felt really sorry for her.
Here's the song list for this episode. I missed one of the middle songs.... it was a male singing, definitely 80s style and I heard lyrics referring to time and love. The terrible thing is, I know if someone could tell me the band that was performing I would be able to find this stupid song, but their name is eluding me even though they sound very familiar. So if you caught it, please let me know. :)

Anyway, here's the list, in the order that they were played (the missing one was after billy idol and before the bob seger piece):

"it's raining men" - the weather girls
"our house" - madness
"everybody's working for the weekend" - loverboy
"you got lucky" - tom petty and the heartbreakers
"time after time" - cyndi lauper
"eyes without a face" - billy idol
"shame on the moon" - bob seger
"when i'm with you" - sheriff