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I would like to know the specific piece of music used for the diamond commercial that features a black and white commercial of a couple walking through central park (they pass an old couple before it goes to the slogan "for your past, present, future..."
I THINK all those commercial have the same music (correct me if I'm wrong) and here are a few items I found:

Karl Jenkins has composed the following music for commercials which have now become classics:
De Beers Diamonds "A Diamond Is Forever" - original "Shadows" film, and all subsequent arrangements

"Palladio" by Silent Nick is an innovative remix of "the diamond commercial theme." You know, the commercial with the shadows and the diamond rings / necklaces. "A diamond is forever?" Ring any bells?
i thought the same thing... all those commercials are the same music, but who knows?
different diamond commercial

Thank you for the responses to the question about the central park commercial featuring the past present future ring, but this music is different than the "diamonds are forever" it is acctually much slower and features simple violin melody, i've even emailed the company and they will not release any of the details of their new advertising, they told me their old advertising featured Karl Jenkins "Diamond Music". They say their new music was created just for them and it is not available to the public. The closest thing i have so far is a tiny piece of "Palladio" played in Largo that sounds very similar to this particular ad I'm searching for If anyone could give me any more details I would appreciate it (I am just looking for wedding 'walk-down-the aisle' music
u all know the commercial where 2 couples are walking holding hands. It's a long time ago. The soundtrack is classical, i think it's violin or cello. but i don't remember well... any ideas?
oh, thanks a lot. it kinda helps.
you can see the commercials on the debeers site -- select 'television' and there's 4 different kinds. I think there's 2 different songs.
Karl Jenkins' Diamond Music.

I own this album and it's a collection of the basic theme, the variations and some other classic music.

Palladio (sp?) is what you're looking for.
yeah, palladio largo was the one. But I guess it was rearranged for the commercial.(i like the commercial one hehe:)).
but then there's the other piece. It's definitely different, n' i have no idea what it is.
My name is Michelle and I'm just signing in to this forum with hopes of finding something I'd love to get my hands on. The theme song for the Debeers Diamond Commercial.
Depicted in the commercial are two older people walking hand in hand threw a park behind the are two younger people who pass them while also walking. The music plays in the background and then a voice over comes on to say " There is only one things that lasts longer than love"
This tune is constantly playing in my head and I'd love to own it. If there is anyone out there that knows of it and or where I can get it, I'd be eternally grateful. I beleive theres a rendition of this by Karl Jenkins and London Philharmonic
but I'm not really sure if this is the right one.
Thanks to all in advance
This is an instrumental song with what I think is a violin. The commercial has a old couple walking and holding hands, with a young couple, not holding hands, passing them and then they see the older couple and are inspired to start holding hands. I am looking for the name of the song, or the name of the composer. If you can help me out, that would be great. One website has it posted, but I can't scroll down far enough to read what the music is. Thanks!
In a commercial for Debeers or Zales (can't remember which) a young couple walks down a path in a park. They separate to pass and old couple (an old guy with glasses, a beret, and a cane and a redheaded old lady) and reunite once they are in front of the old couple.

The music playing in this commercial is very similar to Karl Jenkin's "Diamond Palladio" from the usual commercials, since it is played with a violin, but it is not the "Diamond Palladio."

Does anyone know what this piece of music is called?
There is a thread on this already.I don't know how to do the link,but if you type "diamond is forever" into search and ask for 90 and older it'll bring it up - first one(and possibly the others ,I didn't check them).It may or may not help you.Your ad is the 4 of 4,by the way,in the tv spots.Hope this helps!
Hey Brock

you might want to check the different versions of palladio.. there's like Palladio I. Paladio II.. Zales actually might be using just a later part of the song of P. II
It also might be "Allegretto" from the string quartet bond. Check it out.
this may be the same song as "diamond palladio," but the song i have is karl jenkins "shadows." it was used in one of the diamond commercials, i got it from another thread in this forum.
Hi, does anyone know what the classical piece is from the B&W diamonds are forever commercial?

Is that the same as those ads that are done with shadows and just the diamonds show up?
It's not Palladio. It's the commercial for the past, present, and future ring, not sure if that's the one from the other thread. THe piece was slower, reminded me of a theme from the Romeo and Juliet ballet, it has the same slow steady beats. Thanks for suggesting though.
The current TV commercials can now be viewed online.

To watch them, go to this page, click on 'Television' then select 'View the TV Spots'.

Is it any of these?
Hey, I would really appreciate it if someone could identify the song that is playing in the A Diamond is Forever commercial where the young couple is walking past the old couple in the park. Thanks in advance!