1. B

    Joseph Jewelers

    I am trying to figure out who composed the music being used in the Josephs Jewelers, Des Moines iowa, commercial. I know I've heard it before an it's driving me nuts. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. :)
  2. B

    Everlon Diamond Knot Collection skating

    There's a new TV spot out for Everlon Jewelry with a couple ice skating and in the background is a soft version of "I've Got Your Babe" by a female singer. Does anyone know who does the tune?
  3. S

    Robbins Brothers "Lovely Day" YouTube wedding proposals

    I'm looking for the artist/song title to a new jewelery commercial that just started showing on tv. I can't remember the name of the jewelery store but it shows 4 or 5 different guys proposing to their girlfriends. One is on the snow, one is on a bus, if that helps... Any info would be...
  4. S

    A Diamond is Forever traffic light

    There is spot running by http://adiamondisforever.com What is the track please?
  5. thelovelyflea

    Diamond is Forever "How Can I Tell You" Cat Power

    It was on of the "What Will You Do For Love This Christmas?" Ads. The song is Cat Steven's "How Can I Tell You but in the commercial it's a really cool cover by a woman with a really mellow, soft voice, and it sounds like it's all acoustic. Anyone know who sings it???? Any help would be sweet.
  6. D

    Journey Diamond Dusty Springfield

    I was watching an award show tonight and saw a commercial which featured a floating dandelion seed. There was a nice song playing. Some of the words I remember are "I only ask one thing of your life, and that is that you spend it with me." or something similar. Female Vocalist. Jewelry...
  7. N

    Diamond Trading Company "Faces"

    Howdy. I have just joined the forum and am looking for some music. I have searched the archives but found nothing. I am looking for the music used in the Diamond Trading Company's "Faces" commercial. It sounds like a string quartet or small ensemble. This is not the DeBeers "Shadows"...
  8. leone

    Zales Diamond "Be Brilliant"

    A man keeps seeing the words "Ask her" (spelled out with clouds, on a newspaper, on the side on a truck, etc.) throughout his day. Towards the end, he knocks on his girlfriends door and proposes with a Zales diamond ring. The song in the background is "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie...
  9. S

    A Diamond is Forever married proposal in Rome

    I've been dying to find out who sings this song. It's from the Kay Jewelers commercial where a couple is in Rome and then the commercial goes on to a man screaming I LOVE YOU to his soon to be wife. Predictably she accepts and they live happy ever after. The song repeats the phrase my love, it's...
  10. P

    Hofmeister Jewelers diamonds

    I need help with this Blues music playing in this commercial. It is a Diamond commercial playing in Indianapolis. The jeweler is Hofmeister jewelers, it may be another jeweler in other cities. Anyway you see a car pulling in and out parallel parking then it cuts to the interior where a woman is...
  11. S

    Helzberg Diamonds

    Hey, I was wondering what the name of the song is on the Helzberg Diamond Commercial. It wasnt long but it was rock, and a mans voice repeated "I got mojo-vibe" Ive seen it on many channels but mostly NBC 11 Thanks for your answer
  12. S

    A Diamond is Forever couple in square with family

    I saw a diamonds commercial today. Where a guy has taken his girl to some romantic square in a city. And, as he starts to woo her, and she notices all of these familiar people standing around (Dad, Mom, Brother...etc..) Then she turns around and her boyfriend is proposing to her. The song in...
  13. D

    Peoples Diamond

    Hi, I've seen several Peoples Diamond commercials(Jewellery), and they all have the same theme song playing in the background. I've checked on google and searched this forum, but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me the name? Thanks a bunch :) Take care. ~Code (or Demi)
  14. S

    Helzberg Diamonds

    there was a helzberg dimonds commercial i think and it played in january. it had a man and woman and i dont recall that u could see them. in the background there was a classical song with no words and it is played by a violin or maybe a bass. its a slow very calm song. does anybody know what...
  15. M

    A Diamond is Forever

    Does anyone recognize the violin piece used in the "Only woman in the world" commercials for a diamond is forever. http://www.adiamondisforever.com/hot/asadvertised.html Happy Holidays!
  16. K

    A Diamond is Forever young and old couple walk in park

    I would like to know the specific piece of music used for the diamond commercial that features a black and white commercial of a couple walking through central park (they pass an old couple before it goes to the slogan "for your past, present, future..."