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I was watching an award show tonight and saw a commercial which featured a floating dandelion seed. There was a nice song playing. Some of the words I remember are "I only ask one thing of your life, and that is that you spend it with me." or something similar. Female Vocalist. Jewelry Commercial. Played during the Primetime Emmy Awards. Thanks!
i KNOW the song is "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" but I'm not sure which female singer it's a floating dandelion seed during the scene...can anyone please tell me who the performer is? Thank you
If we are thinking of the same commercial it was Zales for their Journey Diamond Pendant and the title of the song is "What are you doing the rest of your life?" I am trying to find out who sang it on the commercial.

I find that it has been recorded by Alison Moyet , Barbra Streisand, Dusty Springfield and there are probably others.
Nope, Is Dusty Springfield not Barbra, I just heard the song, She sings a little bit like the girl from the Carpenters.
According to Second Hand Songs Dusty Springfield never recorded What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life. (Could be wrong)

I *think* it's Alison Moyet's version from her CD Voice. (But I could be wrong too)
Cool. I'd only seen the commercial once. (Voice is a nice CD anyhow.)
Just wanted to add that it's gotta be Dusty Springfield's rendition used in the ocmmercial.

If you like Dusty's version, then you should check out Laura Fygi's version, which is slightly more mature in tone. Laura Fygi's has a very romantic & breathy voice--very MILFy if you as me. :blush:
I have researched this song and it in fact is NOT Dusty Springfield, although she was considered the "White Woman of Soul." It has been sung by Barbra Streisand, but the actual rendition heard on the Diamonds commercial was sung by Sarah Vaughan. The music is by Michel Legrand, with lyrics by Alan and Larilyn Bergman. This information was gotten from the website:

Words Cited page


The singer of the song in the commercial is Dusty Springfield. Although Sarah Vaugh did indeed do a famous version, she is not the singer in the jewelry ad being referenced in this thread. I would urge you to go to iTunes, search for the title and play the free 30 second preview of Dusty and all will be solved.
From the following Link:

Diamond Trading will promote the line, via JWT, New York, in a 60-second TV spot this month showing two dandelion seeds who find each other and begin a journey of love, traveling through a beautiful landscape in New Zealand to the tune of Dusty Springfield's dreamy "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?" The commercial ends with a human couple embracing and a piece of the jewelry.
Thanks Na_Pali_Coast_Kauai for finally putting this to bed.

(Always wanted to get to Kauai having loved Maui and the Big island. Someday soon.
who sings this?? the only quote i can muster is "what are you doing for the rest of your life". I know barbara streisand sings it, and frank sinatra too, but i highly doubt they sing this version.
After a brief trip to the iTunes music store I found the answer. The recording was made by Dusty Springfield. The sample from the iTunes store confirms it. I didn't hear it at first, but once I knew, there were several phrases that shouted out her name.

Think of "Son of a Preacher Man" used in Pulp Fiction and you'll probably hear similar sonorities.

I think Dusty's version is just luscious and no one can touch her on it.