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Hey, I was wondering what the name of the song is on the Helzberg Diamond Commercial.

It wasnt long but it was rock, and a mans voice repeated "I got mojo-vibe"

Ive seen it on many channels but mostly NBC 11

Thanks for your answer
The song is Mojo Box by SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS. Its on there newest CD named Mojo Box on Yep Roc records. The song has been butchered up pretty bad from the original. SCOTS has a great website and forum. They also have many many great songs and you have to see them play LIVE.
They have had songs in the movies Super Troopers, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Drew Carey Show.
Originally posted by thatredcaroutside@Dec 16 2004, 05:09 PM
The song has been butchered up pretty bad from the original.
I guess so...in the commercial it sounds like they cut off the end of the verse!
"I got my mojo BOCK."
I did a search on the term (and variations thereof) "I've got a Mojo Box" and came up with nothing. The song appears in T.V. ads that ran almost constantly a few weeks ago in Michigan, and hopefully nationwide. The commercial has a guy walking with a red box ostensibly containing a ring for his girlfriend. I'm assuming it's an ad for a jewlery company, but it played so often I didn't pay attention to it :blink: ! The tune is a heavy bass rockabilly type thing. Anyone have any clue? If I missed a thread on this I apologize, but I did run three searches. Thanks. B)
Nevermind. I searched in the web instead of ADtunes, and found that the ban "Southern Culture on the Skids" did a song/cd called "Mojo Box". I'll check and see if it's the same tune. I still have no idea what the jewlery company's name is, though. If you wish to delete this thread, it's cool. It seems as soon as I ask a question, I find the answer myself! :p I haven't seen a response to my film soundtrack queries however, I seem to have stumped the board on the film stuff, but if anyone can find out more on "Los High Tops", that would be great. Thanks