A Diamond is Forever couple in square with family


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I saw a diamonds commercial today. Where a guy has taken his girl to some romantic square in a city. And, as he starts to woo her, and she notices all of these familiar people standing around (Dad, Mom, Brother...etc..) Then she turns around and her boyfriend is proposing to her.

The song in this commerecial is great! Anyone know who it may be?
Can you describe the song? genre/type of music, lyrics, male/female?

Also, is the ad online here?
umm i think you got the commercials mixed up or something. I saw the commerical where he says he loves her out loud and there is no song playing and i did not see any "family members" looking
I saw that commercial too. It's not the one in Italy where the guy is screaming "I Love this woman!" and all the pigeons are flying away. The guy in this commercial is "proposing" (or maybe proposing to his wife all over again?) and all these people on the steps start moving newspapers away from covering their faces and are revealed to be the wife's family members....

That said, I know the commercial you are referring to, but do not remember the music at all....
No..The ad is for Debeers I believe. I do know that it says "Diamonds are forever" at the end on a black screen.

And no, it is not the comercial where the guy screams "I LOVE THIS WOMAN!"

It is the comercial Calyse is talking about.

As for describing the song. It is and kinda euro instumental, indie-popish sounding. No lyrics, maybe some minimal vocals like "oooohs, or ahhhhs" but nothing substantial.
is this the typical diamonds are forever song?.... the one that goes (and bare with me) da da da da dadada da da da da da da dadada da?.... the "da's" being notes for the orchestra?....
The tradional song associated with DeBeers is the first movement of the Palladio Suite (Allegretto) by Karl Jenkins.

Is that the one you are thinking of?
I received the following response from J. Walter Thompson who handle the advertising for the Diamond Trading Company:

Our old advertising featured music by Karl Jenkins. For lack of a better name, it was called the Shadows theme. It was an original composition that we commissioned. Mr. Jenkins decided to add similar music to the Shadows theme and created an entire album called "Diamond Music". The CD is produced by Sony and is available on Amazon.com and in some music stores.

Our new advertising as of July 2001 features original scores created especially for us and they are not available to the public. Our website will be updated shortly to include the new "Steps" and the revived "Tree" TV commercials.
I appreciate the attempt at getting me an answer, but none of the songs on that CD feature the music I heard in this new commercial. It is not a classical piece. In the response that this guy gives itself it says "New" ads in 2001. This is a brand new ad that I just saw for the first time last week. I think the actors in the ad may even be the same ones from the original ad where the guy screams "I LOVE THIS WOMAN" but now he is re-proposing to her. Maybe if you can write this guy and give him the following info, and the info posted above about the commercial, he would know what commercial in which I am talking about.
I saw the ad tonight for the first time -- I don't think they are the same actors as the "I Love the Woman" Debeers ad.
OK..well I am at least happy to see that others are seeing this ad, and that I dont feel nuts. :D
i just saw the commercial you are asking about it was the original one i thought but i had the wrong name the song is "long time coming" by delays
it's a good song hope this helps