1. S

    A Diamond is Forever traffic light

    There is spot running by What is the track please?
  2. thelovelyflea

    Diamond is Forever "How Can I Tell You" Cat Power

    It was on of the "What Will You Do For Love This Christmas?" Ads. The song is Cat Steven's "How Can I Tell You but in the commercial it's a really cool cover by a woman with a really mellow, soft voice, and it sounds like it's all acoustic. Anyone know who sings it???? Any help would be sweet.
  3. S

    A Diamond is Forever married proposal in Rome

    I've been dying to find out who sings this song. It's from the Kay Jewelers commercial where a couple is in Rome and then the commercial goes on to a man screaming I LOVE YOU to his soon to be wife. Predictably she accepts and they live happy ever after. The song repeats the phrase my love, it's...
  4. S

    A Diamond is Forever couple in square with family

    I saw a diamonds commercial today. Where a guy has taken his girl to some romantic square in a city. And, as he starts to woo her, and she notices all of these familiar people standing around (Dad, Mom, Brother...etc..) Then she turns around and her boyfriend is proposing to her. The song in...
  5. M

    A Diamond is Forever

    Does anyone recognize the violin piece used in the "Only woman in the world" commercials for a diamond is forever. Happy Holidays!
  6. K

    A Diamond is Forever young and old couple walk in park

    I would like to know the specific piece of music used for the diamond commercial that features a black and white commercial of a couple walking through central park (they pass an old couple before it goes to the slogan "for your past, present, future..."