A Diamond is Forever married proposal in Rome


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I've been dying to find out who sings this song. It's from the Kay Jewelers commercial where a couple is in Rome and then the commercial goes on to a man screaming I LOVE YOU to his soon to be wife. Predictably she accepts and they live happy ever after. The song repeats the phrase my love, it's a slow emotional song. Can anyone answer my question?
Thanks for replying. The thread did help a little. I now know the commercial is made by A Diamond Is Forver and it's called Declare Your Love. http://ad-rag.com/modules.php has this commercial in its archive but you have to be a paying member to view it. So much for that option. Even with all this information I still don't know the name of the song played in the backround.
I've searched but I cannot find any threads related to this particular commercial.

I'm looking for the song played during a diamond commercial. I don't remember the specific name of the diamond company. I know it's not Zales, etc.
The commercial features a married couple walking through Rome or Paris. He turns to her in front of a statue and says "If I could marry you all over again, I would" to which she replies "In front of all these people?" She looks up and sees her mom stand up in the middle of the crowd followed by her dad. Then the tagline comes.

Any help naming the song would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
I think it's the DeBeers commercial; it's an American couple in Trafalgar Square... if so, then the song is by The Distillery. You can watch the commercial here, and I think you can download the music on the "music" link:


Hope this helps!
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background of the diamond commercial that has a guy re-proposing to his wife. The dialouge is something like:

"YOu know, with all these people around, I'd marry you again"

then the wife's mom and dad are there, the guy proposes and everyone claps.

that's about as descriptive as i can get.

wow! how did you know that? brilliant work and i appreciate the help! now, if i can only figure out the music to the acura mdx commercial...

thanks again,

This "A Diamond is Forever" commercial came out around the time of the "young and old couple" and a man says that it would be perfect if their family was there and surprise his fiance with her parents. I was going to use this commercial as inspiration for when I get engaged and I can no longer seem to find it on their official website. Does anyone have it or know where I might find it???