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I am on vacation from work and have NO friends.
Thats not sad when you have the companion of MUSIC.
Live it. Breathe it. Hate it. Love it. Shut up!

this is egotistical because were forced to talk about ourselves like this is read and judged by our keepers, and they ... i need a beer.

well, i'm old. relatively speaking. i'm a computer professional. i do acid. yep. make my own loops but nothing spectacular but if you need me to make you some loops, shoot me a line. I have only four libraries but i am liking that I can brag about something.

i got here when I saw the AirFrance commercial - it was one of those commercials where you dont know who the commerical is for but you simply like the music. Needed to see it a few times to get the correct info. to surf for the song and this was a good place to start.

God i'm boring. but this is fun. no its not. actually, it is. anyway, <_<

ok, well - i wanted to comment about American Idol's overrated quality. You see, all these 20 and (in some cases) 30 somethings strive, and embarrass themselves to audition. Then they put up with the judges attitude even if they make it. Then they put up with the competition, most probably quit schools and their jobs, and maybe sold their house and got a divorce, just to BE ON American Idol. Then they are bar-b-qued by the American masses, all while having to smile, be happy, chipper, and .. drones for the bubblegum, popish reality of Fox network.

Then, when they've FINALLY made it, became American Idols..................they make commercial music for Ford.

ITS NOT WORTH IT TO ME. You are OWNED by FORD, you might not even be able to sell albums. It becomes your 30 seconds of fame unless the FCC changes rules about the length of commercials.

i need to say one more thing about the gripes of life:
emotional instability is seed for creativity.
Creativity is never a method to get rid of emotional instability, but it acts as an instrument. I use it in music and never want to be 'helped' or 'talked to'.
Let me bleed so the world may see something I can create. Right?

Trent Reznor's greatest album (IMO) was Downward Spiral. In a Rolling Stone article, I read this was one of the lowest points in life as his dog died - he wrote his darkest, but best work on this album. He attributes this to tragedy in life. Johnny Cash, a moody country musician, did a cover of HURT (from Downward Spiral).
I guess this is what they mean by music being from the soul. It can be dark, bright, whatever - but its an emotion.

Why am I saying this? I dont fucking know. I guess I want to make music or something. Be it.
:lol: :lol: So like, were you trippin when you wrote all that?

emotional instability is seed for creativity.

^YES, thank you, that's exactly why I refuse lithium. I may be nuts but I make neat things.

So anyshweez hello and welcome. :)
Aloha! I have something funny for you - this! But I don't believe much in those drugs... <_<