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A man keeps seeing the words "Ask her" (spelled out with clouds, on a newspaper, on the side on a truck, etc.) throughout his day. Towards the end, he knocks on his girlfriends door and proposes with a Zales diamond ring. The song in the background is "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. (Amazon)
A new Zales commercial keeps sending various messages to a guy telling him to "ask her". Can you tell me who the artist is and what the name of the song is? I would appreciate it.
I love the song in the new Zales diamond commerical. It start off sounding a lot like Ice, Ice Baby. What is it? I want it!
what is that song in the zales commercial..they sing "under pressure" and it's the beat from vanilla ice
There is a new commercial out for Zales Jewlers & I would love to know who did the music. It's a jazzed up remake version of Vanilla Ice's, "Ice Ice Baby". Can anybody help? :huh:
This is actually the original song that Vanilla Ice sampled his "Ice Ice Baby"
from. It's "Under Pressure" by Queen featuring David Bowie.
daphne - I believe the song is "Pressure" - done by David Bowie and the late, great Freddie Mercury of Queen.

If this is correct, admins, please go ahead and close this thread.

Thank you!
Nope, not correct. The song is originally by Queen, but the one on the Zales commercial this month, Dec. 2005, is Under Pressure by The Used. Its on a single cd released by The Used and My Chemical Romance.

Hope this helps.
okay. there's a new zales diamond commerical out now, ( christmas 2005 ), and this song has the vanilla ice "ice ice baby" music, but the lyrics go something like "push it down on me, push it down on you.."

i totally love it, and if ANYONE can please tell me who the artist is, or what the name of the song is, or BOTH, i'd very much appreciate it.

please email me with your answer at inhaleher(at)

thank you sooooooo much.
I remember watching "40 Most Horrible Songs" (not sure if that's the exact title) on VH1, and a clip of it has Vanilla Ice claiming it's not the same beat. His has like 1 added beat to it or something. Outrageous!!!
What's that song in one of the new Zales holiday commercial? It's not their traditional theme, it's different cause it has somebody singing. I think it's when a guy walks into a house and gives a lady (his wife most likely) some jewelry. Thanks.
Thanks for the help, The Used and My Chemical Romance - Under Pressure, is what I found and a million people did request for it.
It also wouldn't hurt to try to be nicer, especially to noobs.