Nissan Trucks "A Shift Has Been Made"


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Nissan Trucks "A Shift Has Been Made"

I'm looking for the music that is playing in the background of a new nissian truck commercial, with the tagline "A Shift Has Been Made."

First off:

Yes, this is yet another post asking about a nissan commerical.

Yes, I know these days many car companies have music speficially composed for their commericals.

Yes, I already tried searching through previous posts.

Yes, Nissan is using this tagline in many commericals, but this one is about their trucks [i.e. Titan, Frontier]...not their SUV's [i.e. Armada, Pathfinder, Murano, Xterra].

And No, the song is not Morphine "Buena."

The commerical starts off with a low guitar riff...and starts to look at the Titan. It evetually goes under the hood to see it turning. Then it pans out at some point...and then they focus on the all-new Frontier. Eventually, both trucks are driving together, side-by-side. [The commerical takes place in a desert or dryland]. The guitar riff builds up...then kinda whines and distorts... and the commerical ends with them showing off the, after the other. Like...Frontier zoom...Frontier zoom...Titan zoom....Titan 4-door [while a person says "A Shift Has Been Made...blah blah"]. At the end of the commerical, the song that had built up...goes back to the low riff.

That's the best I could describe it, as I couldn't find any video of it online.

I've never gone away empty-handed with this site, so thanks to everyone for reading this and let's hope someone has a lead! Peace.

This is not just to bump this post!

Anyone watching the Superbowl would have seen this Nissan commercial played shortly after the Half-Time show. I still cannot find any video of it, but I'm still looking. Thanks again for any help...again this was played during the superbowl!

keywords: "A Shift Has Been Made"
i have been trying to find out about this song too. it sounds so familiar.
I think this is the music that is in the original Nissan Shift 2.0 commercial and I WANT IT TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe the song is "Antonelli" by Tahiti 80!!!

Let me know if that is the song you are talking about and if it is the right commercial.