Diamond Trading Company "Faces"


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Howdy. I have just joined the forum and am looking for some music. I have searched the archives but found nothing.

I am looking for the music used in the Diamond Trading Company's "Faces" commercial. It sounds like a string quartet or small ensemble.

This is not the DeBeers "Shadows" commercial, as I already have the CD that the music is based on.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
That is the ad in question, and I've already been to that website, but it didn't tell me what I really wanted to know. The music author is listed as "The Rumor Mill" which I suspect is an ad music agency or music clearinghouse. A search of The Rumor Mill did not return anything definitive.
I'm also looking for the music from the same company but different commercial. It's the commercial with the younger couple walking in the park past the older couple and then the younger girl looks back at the older couple, then closes with the younger couple holding hands while showing the big rock on her finger?

That is the same commercial I was referring to. So far, I haven't found anything.

The piece you're looking for is Palladio: I. Allegretto performed by The London
Philharmonic Strings and compsed by Karl Jenkins