Dior J'adore "The Future is Gold"


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Haven't been having much luck lately. Hope someone helps me with this one. I saw a commercial during the U.S. Open this year by Dior. The following clip is the version of the music I am looking for.

It has a cool electric guitar melody and an upbeat drum line.

I discovered that the music is by London Grammar - Hey Now as in the following clip, which also appears to be the original version of the song.


Honestly, I love the commercial Dior commercial much more. Can anyone help me discover which remix that is? It has a faster tempo, something I can really groove to. Help me please?
Re: Dior J'adore - The future is gold

Thank you Cindy90210 ;). I have a good ear, and I am not 100 percent certain it's the same version as in the commercial. However, I do like it a lot :D. And thank you for replying to my post :). I was feeling so lonely here lol. Thanks again :)