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Haha Iunno if anyone's seen that Phil of the Future commercial where the family is at the dinner table and a classical song is playing in the background. That's very vague but I know it plays in the one shop downtown in the sims. lol. I'll have to find that soundclip and upload it. -_-

EDiT: Here's a clip from the sims music file lol
anyone know the classical song? i'm thnking its mozart but not sure... gah
I've definitely heard it all my life but can't place it. Been going through CD's but no luck. I honestly don't think I have it. My collection will never be complete and I already can't keep up with it. <_<
major w00tness! My friend thought it was called minuet but they weren't sure who the composer was. thanks!!!
You're welcome ;) I really had to blow the dust off of some covers for that one.