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I really need some help in getting a certain song. Many years ago, I watched a Disney movie called "Flight Of The Navigator" that had a little boy, 8 years into his future, discover a secret silver spaceship and fly it around. Anyway, there was this 'new wave'-ish, techno song that played at the beginning of the movie; I think this is the movie's main theme or something. Can anyone help me get an mp3 of this song? I searched the net for a movie soundtrack, but one site said that it was out of print, and I can't find it on e-bay. Please help - I really like this song!

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Is that the same movie where the one kid goes to his house on a Friday or something in the future, and sees his parents? If that makes sense.
Yeah, the one with the spaceship with the robot dude with the huge single eyeball that says "Compliance" all the time, til the kid tells him to lighten up then he sound like Pee Wee Herman. (Hey Fatso, oink oink! Too many Twinkies!!) (Yeah I watched a lot of Disney channel when I was a kid.)
I do remember the Beach Boys "I Get Around" was pretty predominant in that flick (in fact it's the only one listed on the soundtrack at imdb.com), but I'm quite sure it's not the techno song to which you refer. Wish I could help, but I can't remember it..

edit: I spose the reason the robot alien dude sounds like Pee Wee Herman would be because his voice is Paul Reubens. Heh.
I've been see that movie again for the last year or so, and The Quest. I bet if I watched it again, that I could identify the song.
seeing how i would have to watch this movie again... *oh lord it's been so long* i can't really help.

unless there wee some words sungin the song, maybe. maybe it was new order?
Can't help you with the main theme.

There is a scene later in the movie though where a music video's playing, some crazy 80's band. For those who're searching, it's "Lose your love" by Blancmange.