Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


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There is a song that comes on the jukebox when the blonde girl tries to dance with the coach in the cantina. I absolutely can not find this song. I think that some of the lyrics go like this : You have me going loco, crazy

That's all I really know so for all those who have seen the movie and know this song, i would really appreciate the help. Thanks
Check the soundtrack listing over at IMDb. I haven't seen the movie so I don't know which song you're talking about but there's a couple of songs listed by the Kumbia Kings that might be it. I'd check those two first. Hopefully one is the song you're looking for.
I know what song you're talking about, but, like you, I have no idea what it's called.
After now having seen the movie I think it might be Kemo the Blaxican's La Receta. You can download and hear the song at his site here. It's on the left-hand side of the page. If you right-click and Save As where it says Listen to "La Receta" it'll let you save it as an MP3. They played alot of music so I can't remember if this is the song they're playing during that scene but I know it wasn't either of the Kumbia Kings songs. Hope this is the one you're looking for. :)
That's it and i was able to download the song from the site. Thanks!!!!!!!
song when the blonde girl is playing soccer in mexico...its an upbeat almost rap type song...
Anyone know the artist and title of the song that plays when the blonde soccer girl is at practice? It sounds latin. Thanks.
it is "No Sleep Tongiht" by The Faders
well, im pretty sure =)
cos i just watched the movie
and i wanted to dl it too
ok 2 songs that i need from that movie.....the first is where Lena is in Greece and she is about to go in the ocean and shes liek taking off all her clothes and shes by herself and i think shes like crying but anyway if anyone knows the songs played during that scene it would be greatly appriciated also towards the end of the movie when Lena runs to the boat in Greece where her boyfriendis leaving from and she runs to the dock and they kiss
The first one, when Lena is about to jump in the water, is Alana Grace - "Black Roses Red" and the other one, when she runs to the dock is Rachael Yamagata - "Be Be Your Love”. And they are both available on the soundtrack. Here's a link to that on