1. K

    2009 Pontiac Vibe

    i'm new here, so i'm sorry if i'm doing this wrong. i'm looking to know what song was playing in this car commercial i've seen this past week. there's this guy sitting in a orange sedan like car, and he's wet/smiling. he gets out of the car, and there's this check box that says "kiss her in the...
  2. M

    Pontiac GXP

    Anyone know the song in the Pontiac GXP commercials that debuted recently (possibly yesterday during the college football games on ESPN and ABC)? The commercial is cars driving through a black and white cityscape, and drops of liquid turn them into Pontiacs. I don't think there were any audible...
  3. S

    Pontiac Car Commercial

    sounds like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but I'm not sure. it is definitely that same style of music though. I can't remember any specific lyrics, or the car featured, but I'll try to pay more attention next time. the lyrics go something like "you are the..." and then its hard to discriminate...
  4. M


    Looking for a song for the new G6 commercials. They feature one black and one white hard top convertible vertically oriented and merging together. Please help! Mike
  5. M

    Pontiac G6

    Okay, so tonite while watching Jimmy Kimmel Live. 30Aug2006, I listened very closely to what at first sounded like an Oasis song. I briefly turned and noticed it was a Pontiac G6 Commercial with a white vehicle. First let me start off by saying what songs I know that it isn't: Kasabian - Club...
  6. P

    Pontiac Torrent

    Does anyone know what song and artist is used for the new Pontiac Torrent commercial?
  7. R

    Pontiac Montana SV6

    can anybody tell me the name of the song used in the new Pontiac Montana SV6 commercial? the beginning of the song sounds a little middle-eastern-inspired, and then it becomes more mainstream-sounding...I know this is vague but I wasn't paying too much attention to the commercial. thanks to...
  8. J


    Look this is back in June but ok if u can help me. Now that u know the type of songs that Pontiac uses in its commercial here goes. There's a song that goes "and the wind in my hair..." and i dont know the rest. By the way if u guys go to mtv and see music videos on mtv that is where i saw the...
  9. D

    Pontiac G6

  10. O

    Pontiac Torrent "Here Comes Elvis"

    Anyway, the song was catchy and I was able to find it. It's Ringside's "Struggle". I wish I could describe the commercial better, but I actually wasn't paying much attention to the content until I looked up at the very end.
  11. J


    Okay, this has probably already been answered, but I can't, for the life of me, remember the make and model. It has cars rushing through this weird landscape of colors and lights and the music is techno-orchestral. The commercial ends with three cars (a convertible, sedan, and SUV) being shown...
  12. G


    I hope this hasnt been answered yet, I looked and didnt find it. The commercial gives an overview of the pontiac car line which features a small convertible line that is supposed to come out. At the end of the commercial the announcer says, "man this is getting good" The commercial is very...
  13. V

    Pontiac Torrent

    i dont think this has already been answered...the song is upbeat and goes very high...
  14. tango

    Pontiac G6 Coupe "Beauty has Dark Side"

    Pontiac G6 Coupe "Beauty has Dark Side" Hey gang! I've been hopping around this board as a lurker for a few now and I just decided to jump in the mix. I just noticed about a week ago that Pontiac is at it again1 Do these guys plan to quit? I hope not. They got some of the coolest theme music...
  15. S


    Latest commercial features White Noise by THE VACATION (Track 1). View ad here (Experience our new ads).
  16. Guest

    Pontiac G6

    The song has the lyrics "The girl with the golden touch" "She had a little too much." It has an acoustic guitar. something like that. It sounds like a Beatles song. Can You Help me out?
  17. B

    Pontiac Solstice G6

    Anyone know the name of the song on the newest Pontiac Solstice commercial. The background is all black and it shows the light trails of the cars tail lights. At the end it features the rest of the 2006 Pontiac lineup like the G6 coupe. It's got a cool guitar riff. I have no clue but i'm sure...
  18. michelle

    Pontiac G6

    There are a couple different ads, but the ones I've seen so far use the same song. The most recent version compares a Pontiac G6 (lining up and waiting at a toll booth) with a horse (waiting in the gate before starting a race). Anyway, song is "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash. Link...
  19. L

    Pontiac GTO

    ok, ive looked everywhere. what is the music from the pontiac gto commercial. ive only seen one but if theres more its the one with all the smoke and the car doing a burnout. if you havent seen it its on the pontiac website. go to cars, gto and then gallery there should be a line to the...
  20. A

    Pontiac Grand Prix "Fuel for the Soul" blind woman

    Can anyone help me find the name of the song in the new Pontiac Grand Prix commercial? Here is a description of the commercial taken from a website I found while looking for the song: "The setting is a bright, open and uninhabited desert in "Guy/Girl." A woman is taking an exhilarating drive...