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Anyone know the name of the song on the newest Pontiac Solstice commercial. The background is all black and it shows the light trails of the cars tail lights. At the end it features the rest of the 2006 Pontiac lineup like the G6 coupe. It's got a cool guitar riff. I have no clue but i'm sure the commercial will be around more often after the tournament this is just the first time i have seen it. I've emailed their website and just waiting on a reply. Any help would be really appreciated.
Doe any one know what the artist or title of the song from 2005 Pontiac Solstice commercial is? It's a modern hard rock track with male vocals. I just saw the commercial today (Sunday 4/3/05).
does anyone know the new song on the g6 commerical that jsut came out its not should i stay or should i go now thats an older one this is more new around april 2005 and i think one of the lyrics is "im gonna ride im gonna ride away"
Does anyone know what the song is in the newest Pontiac G6 commercial? I saw the ad around 9:00 PM on ESPN during the college hockey championship game on Sat, April 9, 2005. It's a rock song with a male lead vocalist and it's totally different than The Clash song mentioned in a previous thread about the Pont G6 commercial w/the horse. Anyone know??? Thanks!
Thanks so much! It was Citizen Cope, Son's Gonna Rise. Thanks for the help!
This is my first post so I hope I do this ok.

I'm looking for the music in the new Pontiac commercial advertising the new line of several cars, including the new G6. It starts out with blurry lights and the camera moving around. They finalize into showing a black (I think G6) car(s). The voice over then talks about "power of the design", something like that, as each step makes the car.

I saw it on Maximum Exposure on Spike around 5:30pm and again on the next commercial set today. It's a rock song and the only lyrics I could make out sounded something like "say that I want you" and "say that I need you" at least that's what it sounds like.

Anyone know?
I just answered my own question.

I searched Pontiac commercial music and came to the offical Pontiac site, http://www.pontiac.com where it has a section where you can view the commercial and lists the music.

There's appearantly two versions. The one I asked about was 01 and the song is "Club Foot" by Kasabian in case anyone else was wondering.
Those are 2 of the coolest commercials I've ever seen! Great songs, too. I saw the one with the song "Son's Gonna Rise" by Citizen Cope the 1st day it came out, and I just had to get it.
so the commercial starts with a black background and white and red swirling things spinning around, like a screen saver or something, and there is a male singer who kind of slurs his words a little bit and then the song break out with the drums and guitars and stuff, it's pretty cool, anyone know what i'm talking about?

i think it's a car commercial, but i am distracted by the song so i don't look.

does any body know the song they are playing in thier new pontiac g6 and solstice commercial.its a very catchy tune.does any body have any ideas?

This was previously answerd in an older thread... but the answer anyway is:
Artist-------Song Name
Kasabian - "Club Foot"
I just saw this Pontiac Coupe G6 commercial and it seemed like it was almost a lazer-type effect which then spun into an image of a wheel of a car. It was a rather dark and black commercial, and the song wasn't very loud. But it was a really cool song. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know. Thanks
I know it plays on Fuse a lot. It's like a Holocaust type thing in black and white. The "ah ah ah" part sounds kinda Indian...the buffalo ones, not the cow ones
The video, not the commercial...the commercial has like two songs...like one with two different songs...like, it comes on with "aah ah aah" and goes off and like an hour later it comes on with some other song.
I'm usually the one who can follow all the odd posts, but I confess, this one defeats even me... Can you get all your info in one place, tell us the type of music, everythin ya can remember, and odds are, its been answered here before.
Thinking its a Chrysler or Cadillac add, cant remember offhand. Sounded like John Mayer... Lyrics were " I'm rollin down the highway, dont know where i'm headed, but it's back to town now.. "

sorry this post is very vague, but if someone can help me out I appreciate it.