Pontiac G6 Coupe "Beauty has Dark Side"


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Pontiac G6 Coupe "Beauty has Dark Side"

Hey gang! I've been hopping around this board as a lurker for a few now and I just decided to jump in the mix.

I just noticed about a week ago that Pontiac is at it again1 Do these guys plan to quit? I hope not. They got some of the coolest theme music out there right now.

This latest tune that the G6 coupe is introduced with (the ad with the spider web behind the car) is way cool! Anybody know the name of it?

(Just so you know it's not the Citizen Cope tune).

Thanks for any help guys.
I just saw this one, too. Catch phrase is "Beauty has a dark side"

the music has some weird sound in it... something like bells. It's not Razorlight nor Kasabian.

I just emailed them and hopefully I'll get a reply back soon.
"A Day Like Today" by Tom McRae.

Amazon clip here. It is also available on .
Wow...thanks a lot Leone. really appreciate the speed in response. I'm gonna go see if I can find it (already confirmed it by listening to the clip). Once again, thanks dudes!

Does anyone know what song is playing in this commercial?
I'll try to get more info on it..
whats the song in the commercial for the new Pontiac G6 coupe...let me know
Come on now...let's help our Family. It's called "A Day Like Today" by Tom McRae. I too asked the same question only last week. Good luck finding it...I'm having a royal hard time!
Ha, I swear, Pontiac is raiding my CD collection. Citizen Cope, Razorlight, and now Tom McRae? Hopefully their next one has a sweet tune too.
This song plays during the new pontiac coop commercial. The comercial is mainly black with silver lines forming on the screen. I really like that music and it's sort of techno-ish.
Hey. Does anyone know the music used in the new Pontiac g8 Coupe commercial. The commercial displays the contours of the car with spider web strands developing behind it. At the end the studio lights go out and all that you see is the web and the Coupe's two red lights looking like spider eyes. The music sounds like a chill/electronica song. Anyone?
the big announcer voice from the heavens says "now theres a dark side to beauty"
or something like that and the commercial shows these spider web going arounf the car and stuff and at one part during the music theres some lyrics, but i dont care about that. if anyone knows i would be more than greatful if you could tell.
Colormerkis - that instrument you mention as so distinctive is a gamelan, I believe - from Indonesia. Perhaps others more familiar can confirm or refute...
the ad is very simple. the car is set against a black background and spiderweb graphics appear. the announcer mentions something about a dark side. the song playing in the background has lyrics that i can't make out. if anyone could help me out the name of the song or even just clarifide lyrics i would greatly appreciate it. thanks.