Pontiac Grand Prix "Fuel for the Soul" blind woman



Can anyone help me find the name of the song in the new Pontiac Grand Prix commercial?
Here is a description of the commercial taken from a website I found while looking for the song:
"The setting is a bright, open and uninhabited desert in "Guy/Girl." A woman is taking an exhilarating drive in the Grand Prix; pushing the car in turning maneuvers and kicking up a spiral of dust in her wake. At the end, as she exits the car she extends her walking stick; the viewer realizes she is blind as the words "Fuel for the Soul" appear, emphasizing that everyone can feel the spirit of great driving."
The commerical debuted on Apr. 5 during the NCAA tournament and finding this music has been bugging me ever since.
Thanks :roll:
I sent Pontiac an e-mail regarding your inquiry, since I figured I won't see this ad anytime soon (considering I've yet to see it! LOL!)

I'll be sure to let you know their response!
is it either "sex machine," "i got the feeling" or "gonna have a funky good time" -- all by james brown?
And the answer is:

Dear Mike,

Thank you for contacting the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center. We
appreciate you taking the time to write us in regards to the music that
is used in the "Fuel for the Soul" advertisements.

The musical selections in our commercials are often written exclusively
for the commercial. Then they are recorded by studio musicians as
30-second time spots. The music remains untitled and is not available for
public sale. Other songs are remakes of popular songs, used by
permission, and may be available at your local music store.

If you should need to contact us in the future, simply reply to this
message or call our Pontiac Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-762-2737.
Customer Relationship Managers are available Monday through Friday from
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Again, thank you for contacting Pontiac.


Scott Oakes
Customer Relationship Manager
Pontiac Customer Assistance Center

But as michelle said, it may be one of the two James Brown songs, if not a commissioned studio track.

Hope it helps.
Naw, I saw it again just now and it's definately not James Brown.. kinda instrumental.. I reckon it's prolly commissioned then. Too bad.. Well it's a cute 'mercial anyway. :)
"The "Fuel" introductory TV commercial, and others soon to follow, will feature music best described as "soulful funk" - music with a lot of swagger. The "Fuel" spot is set to the song "Sex Machine," by James Brown. Brown, known as the "Godfather of Soul," was chosen because his music conveys action, excitement, emotion and movement - the same as Pontiac vehicles. "

The James Brown spots aired a while ago...

This particular spot does not use his music...

But good find...
:?: Are we talking about the same one? The one I saw is piano music, I believe. Instrumental. Definitely not the Chili Peppers..
I think it might be "Southern Sun" by paul oakenfold, one if the remixes. There's too many of them! :? Try the gabriel and dresden unplugged version, or the DJ Tiesto remix. Song's nice anyways
Pontiac "Fuel for the Soul" blind woman

I am surprised that no one has asked about this commercial where the blind woman is driving the pontiac in the desert and u dont know she is blind till the end when she steps out with her cane..i looked in the weblog and at all the posts topics since the site stared and no one asked about this. I have heard the Song is by a band Timonium from some sites and others say it is not, and i cannot find their music anywhere. If anyone has any info about this song, it would be appreciated.
Michelle is right. This question actually has a pretty long thread somewhere. I know it was quite a while ago.

The final answer is:

It was studio music produced just for the commercial and it not available commercially. (that came from an email from Pontiac)

And it truly is a shame because that was awesome music.
I searched for a long time for this song when the commercial first aired, only to find out is was not available anywhere (and wasn't even a full song :( )

Pontiac had the music posted for download on their website a while ago. It's only about a minute long though.
This is REALLY, REALLY, old, but this song has been haunting me, 'cause i loved it. Anyway, it was a Pontiac commercial in which you see a Pontiac car maneuvering through the desert, doing advanced driving techniques. Then it stops. The door opens, and the viewer sees two feet...then a cane drop below the door, and it's a blind woman getting out of the driver seat.

Anybody now where I can find audio for this or a name?????

I'm somewhat "frustated", so please, help me out.