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ok, ive looked everywhere. what is the music from the pontiac gto commercial. ive only seen one but if theres more its the one with all the smoke and the car doing a burnout. if you havent seen it its on the pontiac website. go to cars, gto and then gallery there should be a line to the commercial there. thanks.
It'd be so much easier if you just post the link. ;)
The only commercial I see listed is the Smoke one. Is that what you mean? Because if so, I don't hear a song, all I hear is a few music notes and a tire squeal.. is there another one?
no, thats the one, sorry i didnt post the link. if you listen it is notes, but it starts out kinda eire and spooky then right at the end the drums come in. at first i thought it was mars god of war by holst, but i have that some and it dosnt sound right, maybe anntoer rendition that im mot familier with or maybe a different song, but thats the commerical, it has me stumped thats why im asking you guys. hopefully i can get some help. thanks in advance.
There's a new GTO commercial that aired during the Rose Bowl. It shows the engine of the car being assembled while a voice spits out all the stats of the car (350 hp, 0-60 in 5.3 secs, etc) The music sounds really familiar, like it's some classical piece I heard in my youth, but I can't place it. Anyone know ?
i saw that commercial today. that was mars by holst.
Originally posted by loki993@Jan 1 2004, 08:23 PM
i saw that commercial today. that was mars by holst.
Thats the one!! Do you know if that was played in a movie. It sounds familiar
im really not sure, it sounds spacey and stuff, like it could be set to a big space battle scene or something like that. at least thats what i imagine, but im not sure if its ever been used. im now almost sure the first commercial, the one with all the smoke is also mars, but the part of the music in the beginning of the commercial dosnt sound like any part of the song ive heard, so if anybody knows what version or orchestra was perfoming the version in that commercial i would appriciate it, id like to find it. thanks
I've seen an ad for a truck...I think...recently, and I recognize the music being used but can't place it. They show robots building an engine piece by piece, and the music is orchestral. I want to say it's from a Batman movie, but I'm not sure. If I remember correctly, Samuel L. Jackson was the voice-over?
The version used in the ad and/or where you've heard it before is probably in the soundtrack for THE RIGHT STUFF by Bill Conti.
I have recently seen a new Pontiac GTO ad where the whole car is being assembled while Sam Jackson talks. I have already seen the one where the engine is being put together to Mars by Holst, but cannot put my finger on the music used in this second commercial. Does anyone know?
I was just watching the NCAA Selection Show and the new GTO commercial played, showing the whole car being assembled to end with the car sitting still and smoking its tires. Has anyone else seen this and do they have an idea of who is the composer for this music?
Do you have any lyrics?

I'm only stupidly asking because for the whole March Madness ad campaign, Pontiac's been using "Boom" by POD.

Plus there's another spot with different music, featuring footage of Bootsy Collins.
This commerical was similar to the one listed on the Adtunes.com main update page with Sam Jackson speaking and Holst's Mars playing while the engine for the GTO is assembled before your eves. There are no lyrics, since it is another classical piece playing in the backround. In this commercial, the entire car is being assembled with Sam Jackson speaking, and it ends with the assembled GTO smoking its rear tires. Has anyoone seen this other Pontiac GTO commercial and can they recognize the music?
In listening to some of my classical CD's, I stumbled on the music that plays in the second GTO commercial. It is Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition-The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba Yaga). I am so happy that I discovered that I already had the music.