Pontiac "New Vibe"

that's great! i think my brother has their CD and i will borrow it from him!!
Thanks :D . I spin downtempo, funky breaks, house and world beats. I don't have any mixes online yet but hopefully I will soon.
This is probably an annoying comment, but I assume your avatar is of you, djflowerz... but everytime I see it I think it's Julia Stiles... And, I'm always saying to myself "So what movie was she a DJ in, again?" :rolleyes: :lol:
:D Yeah, people tell me I look like Julia Stiles. I take it as a compliment! She's skinnier than me.
OK. i think the commercial is for a scion but i could be wrong. the song is in spanish and it kinda goes "WASSAP WASSAP DONDE ESTA LA RAZA" or something like that. <_< then as the car is driving the building's windows are simulating some kind of music bar.. or whatever you call it. like...the music bars that go up and down with the sound of the song. :huh: hopefully you get what im saying. and hopefully someone knows the song! I WANT IT! HELP! :(