Pontiac G6


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The song has the lyrics

"The girl with the golden touch"
"She had a little too much."

It has an acoustic guitar. something like that. It sounds like a Beatles song. Can You Help me out?
Is it

Razorlight "Golden touch."

I think it very well might be. not sure. any confirmation
Along with Citizen Cope's 'Son's Gonna Rise' and Kasabian's 'Club Foot', Pontiac has a new G6 commercial with another great song. I'm pretty sure it's 'Golden Touch' by Razorlight. Either way, it's a great song available on iTunes.
Okay, I'm gonna apologize in advance if this has been discussed, but I can't remember the type of car the commercial was for and this is really bugging me! I remember the song sounding like a rock song with male vocals. All I can remember from the song is a line like, "If you want it, you can have it" or something similar to that. Also I specifically remember hearing, "the midas touch" or "midas touch". I don't remember much about the commercial. I wanna say there was an image of a car like being picked apart, like different parts of a car. I haven't seen the commercial in a long time, so I'm sorry I can't provide more info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Golden Touch by Razorlight?

Pontiac G6 commerical?

"i know a girl with the golden touch.. shes got enough shes got too much... but i know you wouldnt mind... you could have it all if you wanted, you could have it all if it mattered so much... but then all then all... is how to oput you down, when your there, your friend..."
See the commerical everywhere..black car...music in background is " know a girl with the golden touch.She's got enough, she's got too much You could have it all if it matters to you" Thanks.
i may be completely wrong but here goes...

i dunno the song's name(nor the album's name) but the artist is Aimee Mann.
the following are a few of her albums...just to help u in ur search.

The Forgotten Arm
Lost In Space
Ultimate Collection
Bachelor No. 2
Magnolia (Soundtrack)
I'm With Stupid

lost in space and magnolia shud be ur best bet.

Sorry I cudnt be of more help.
i was wondering about that song when i first heard it, too. i looked it up and found out that the artist is RAZORLIGHT. the song is called "GOLDEN TOUCH" and the album you can find it on is UP ALL NIGHT. good luck!
sorry, i can't remember what car ad this is on! but the song is a somewhat slow song, with male vocals, probably in the alternative genre. i can't remember all the lyrics, but there's something about "she's got the golden touch" and "she's got too much." anyone know what i'm talking about? thanks in advance!
Im looking fo the song from the one G6 commercial where they show the sun roof(s) floding and getting bigger.

it's not club foot, or son's gonna rise
i'm an idiot.. it's a pontiac commercial! they confused me. so OK... does anyone know what upbeat, indie-rockish song is featured in the new PONTIAC video?? :) thanks.