Pontiac Torrent "Here Comes Elvis"


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Anyway, the song was catchy and I was able to find it. It's Ringside's "Struggle".

I wish I could describe the commercial better, but I actually wasn't paying much attention to the content until I looked up at the very end.
Was it the one with a black/night background, and the buildings are covered in red neon lights...? If so, it was a Pontiac "Torrent." :)
there is this commercial with a marroon suv and the song is kinda like citizen cope and some of the lyrics were "won't rest until you're down with the rest of us" or something. ahh i love it but i cant find it anywhere!
Ringside is amazing!

Just saw them on the "Jimmy Kimel" show, and downloaded a couple songs.

"Tired of Being Sorry" and "Struggle" to name a couple.

Now I want the CD, but unfortunately, no one has it here, and to my Surprise, Not many people here have heard of them.

I hope this commercial does some justice for them!!
I caught just part of a comemrcial with a car driving through dark glass buildings with a heavy basing song playing. Lines of light were bouncing up and down on the buildings like giant graphic equalizers. the song had lyrics like "I like you best when you're down with the rest of us"

Does anyone know this song? or the name of the car they were advertising? :blink:
"Struggle" by Ringside

The ad is for the Pontiac Torrent
Can anyone tell me the name of the song that is being played during the Pontiac Torrent commercial? It sounds a little like a bluesy Bob Dylan, but not sure. It shows the Torrent driving through a city at night. Not sure of the lyrics, but I do hear "I like it best, when you're down with the best of us".......Any clues? Please, this song is driving me nuts!
hey guys, i'm new here. so hi & all that fun stuff. :]

there's this car commercial, & usually i am super good at just punching in the lyrics on google and something usually comes up, so after i got a few good lines off of the song, i didn't bother seeing what the actual commercial was for.

but it's obviously a car, and it's driving down this path with all these glittering, rainbow buildings. the song lyrics that i got were, 'but i like you best when you're down with the rest of us'.

thanks so much in advance!
Does anyone know what the music is for that new Pontiac Torrent? It's sort of hip hop...one phrase is "...but I like you best when you're down with the rest of us!"

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I just saw a commercaial for a car, and I dont even know the brand, but it is an SUV. the lyrics went "I like you best when you get down with the rest" I sounded a little like Beck, but not quite. The car is in front of pink neon lights. What is the name of that song?!! thanks
Hey, I saw a pontiac commercial where the buildings are like red/yellow/orange lights. I think it goes... something like:

something kick up a torrent
something something
I like you best when you're down like the rest [?]
Hello there.

Does anyone know what's the tune for that new Pontiac G6 sedan commercial? I've read a previous thread regarding a G6 ad, but that ad featured a techno song. The song I heard was DEFINITELY NOT techno. It was a bonafide rock tune with a catchy guitar riff.

Thanks in advance.
you can go to www.pontiac.com and find "Pontiac Music" on the front page.
hope this helps. I know for the coupe it's Tom McRae doing "A Day Like Today"