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I trying to figure out what song is in that commercial, you know the one, it's night Jarome Iginla seemingly just steps into his hotel room for an away game. I believe the ad only aired in Canada, and seems impossible to find on YouTube

Anyway, it's driving me nuts, and it sounds like an awesome song. From the sounds of it, asking Vick's themselves will only get you a reply to the effect that they have a company that selects the music for them. So one thought is it could be someone that does it just for the commercials, which I'd still like to know who it was anyway. But from what I can tell all of the music from their ads use actual bands/musicians.

To me it sounds like a song by The Black Keys, I tried searching for the song on YouTube for quite a while to no avail. The closest thing I found is that on the song Ten Cent Pistol by the aforementioned band, the very start of it, like 2 seconds, has almost the exact same sound IMO. (I have some doubts it is them though as they seem to use lesser known bands)

Anyway, I really need some help and would appreciate it very much if you could give me a helping hand. Thanks.
Definitely not Tighten Up from The Black Keys...

Sound likes a custom song for the ad, which really sounds like the Black Keys
It seems to be that same songs, but interpreted in another way...

Great find though...
found this post on another website... I guess we're out of luck
I know this is an old question but I went on a huge hunt to find out the name of this song. Asked around but no one really knew so I just emailed the company. This was their response.
"Hi Iain,

thanks for contacting Vicks.

I apologize, most of the music in our commercials is original. It’s written by a company that composes very short pieces specifically for use in commercial backgrounds. There is no sheet music or recording available.

Thanks again.

Oral-B Team"

So there you have it, it was written for the commercial.
Re: Vicks NyQuil Jarome Iginla try Colin James

I think the guitar solo is very much like that in "Why'd You Lie?" by Colin James from Toronto. Same chards, same timing, same key....
I guess it's not an actual song (though it sounds like it would be good as one :()

Anyways, here's a tab, it's in Eminor

e |------------10-----7-x--------5~---3~-|
B |-xxxx----8---------8-x-------5~~---3~-|
G |-xxxx-9------------9-x------5~~~---4~-|
D |-xxxx--------------9-x-----7~~~~---2~-|
A |-xxxx--------------7-x----------------|
E |--------------------------------------|