1. O

    Vicks NyQuil Jarome Iginla

    I trying to figure out what song is in that commercial, you know the one, it's night Jarome Iginla seemingly just steps into his hotel room for an away game. I believe the ad only aired in Canada, and seems impossible to find on YouTube Anyway, it's driving me nuts, and it sounds like an...
  2. H

    Vick's DayQuil "Man Cold"

    Looking for the song in this commercial about Vicks DayQuil. There is a man laying on the sofa. His wife comes in and he states: "I can't reach the remote." I could only pick out the last line of the music that was playing. It says: "Why don't you feel good." Can someone Please help me find the...
  3. T

    Vicks Vapor rub

    It's a new Vicks Vapor Rub commercial been playing this month. It's short and starts with two kids (boy and girl) standing outside someone's room door (probably their parents), in their pajamas and giggling. Then they push open the door and run in, then it goes to the Vicks screen and the...
  4. D


    theres this new-ish t.v commercial for a Vicks medicine product. The music on this ad is very cool(especially for a commercial), its good blues,acoustic guitar and bass,maybe some foot-tappin goin' on, and some dude whistling towards the end. Very simple I-IV-V basic blues progression, but its...
  5. TicoMachi

    Vicks Dayquil Mucus Control

    There is this new dayquil commercial that always plays in two parts. The first part starts with a guy, and it shows him coughing in different places, and cheering while doing so, while playing only an instrumental version of the song, then it shows a bottle of vicks and says "getting rid of...
  6. T

    Vicks DayQuil

    There's a new commercial on. It opens up with a car driving, and a dog's head sticking out of the passenger window. The camera pans across the windshield, and the driver's head is also out the window. There's a really nice song playing - but the words are hard to make out - something about...