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Does anyone know the name of the song it has really heavy bass and a female singing come and get it baby and the music has a lot horns. The G6 is on a platform and there are black curtains blowing in the background. The commercial streted running around Oct 10?
im almost positive this one hasnt been covered becaused i searched the forums, but it's a Pontiac commercial, and yes, i've looked at the website under the music section.
It's a commerical for their sale i guess, called Pontiac Overdrive.
the songs is like really strong guitar, and then there's a girl singing "Come get it baby"
ok yeah, i actually said that all wrong.
its called pontiac new release party...
and there really isnt guitar, its like a kind of a slow, but really rock beat
yeah, thats it
Hello all I need the hip hop/r&b track used in the pontiac g6 commercial. I tried googling it without any success. Any help will be much appreciated!! Happy Halloween
i second that , its not listed ont he pontiac websight an I have no clue where to go from there.
Tom McRae - A Day Like Today ..at least that is the one i saw.. not very hip hop/r&b though
allo peoples the song and artist is YUMMY BINGHAM- Come get it. I plugged in the snippet of her vocal on bear share the come get it baby and the song popped up!! Word to your mothers uncle.
Haven't seen to commercial in a while but I googled it "Come Get It" by Yummy sounds like the song. Check it out at yummymusic.net
B) What's that song used in the Pontiac G6 Sedan commericial?
I just saw one right now and it sounds like hip-hop kinda music and I believe a female singing in the middle of the song which I couldn't catch.
"Come Get It" by Yummy Bingham & Jadakiss

Available on .
Its the pontiac commercial talking about the pontiac release party being over and showcases the torrent, solstice, etc. , black backround with silk? sheet and podium. Womens voice singing towards the end, hip hop beat. Its not on their site because it had more than one of the new models in it.
ok so theres this commercial, im pretty sure its for the nissan maxima or altima. anyway the only part i can remember is a totally black room, and then photographers are taking pictures of the car and their flashes are bouncing off of the car. (but you cant see the actual photographers). I think it was in like a runway or fashion show settin, but it was NOT cadillac's chrome couture. Thats as much as I can remember- but anyway Im looking for the song from this commercial. Theres no lyrics, just like a leveled siren in the background (not like weee woo...just weeeeeeee..) and this woman singing "ooooooooh." It sorta sounds like a hip-hop/techno/dance track of some sort. and unfourtuantly it MAY not be nissan. I think this came about the same time as nissan made those altima commercials where the latino woman meets her friends in a white, empty filming room, but all they are intrested in is her car. Ok i hope someone can help me find this! thanks!
OMMMG THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH IVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS SHIZ FOREVER! I LOVE YOU GUYS! *CRYING* i really seriously needed this song to put in my independent movie!