1. M

    Nissan Shift

    Something Somethings got a car?? Go on abc. com and the commercials there on the home page playing
  2. N


    I just saw this commercial, for a Nissan Maxiam or Altima. The song in the backround i'm pretty sure had no lyrics, and had a very cool, smooth guitar riff. Kinda relaxing to listen to, very soft. It was a little jazzy as well. I've searched all the other posts for "Nissan" and none of them seem...
  3. S

    Nissan Xterra "Set you free"

    Ah, I heard a song on the current Nissan Xterra ad that I saw while watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics (Feb/10/06). Sounds a bit like the John Butler Trio- similar voice, maybe. It also sounds like a cover of an old song... very sort of Zepplin-esque. Heavy, old school guitar. The...
  4. R

    Nissan Murano "Soar"

    Nissan Murano "Soar" I'm looking for the music featured in the new Murano ad. It's the one with black birds in it. The music is all instrumental. Sounds like a combo of classic rock and folk. It's a recent ad.
  5. M


    Is there anyone who knows if I can get the music behind this Nissan ad I saw a while back? It showed some guys recording different sounds that the Nissan made. By the end of the ad the sounds have built up into a full song. I don't remember any specific details really well, cause it was...
  6. A

    Nissan Titan truck

    During the Tonight Show last night, Nissan ran an ad for their Titan Truck, showing all sorts of "working" trucks driving, with the Titan far out ahead of the pack, while a theme played with kettle drums & trumpets in 4/4 time, that reminded us of the old NFL films, or certainly a western theme...
  7. C


    It is a car commercial but i don't know which one. I've heard the song on the radio 5 years ago though. It goes, "And i cry, for you to love me, love me, say that you love me, hold me hold me, go on and hold me, i don't care about anything but you. It's kind of a techno song sung by a female.
  8. C

    Nissan X-Trail

    Song from Nissan X-Trail commercial where a man is heading home in his red Nissan X- Trail, and a woman pops up in the passenger seat, a baby in the back, then he gets into the driveway and his home morphs into a larger house, and then returns to it's regular size.
  9. B

    Nissan Murano

    It's a fairly old car commercial..might be a year or so ago..maybe more. A man and his wife go into an antique shop, he looks at a jukebox, it plays a song that consists of an electric guitar. On the way out the guy's humming the song. Please please PLEASE help me, I have no clue what song it is.
  10. I

    Nissan X-Trail

    Hello to everyone I'm looking for the song that played in the X-trail commercial in Canada(montreal) It is not the same as the one with "Tejo, Black Alien, Speed - Quem Que Caguetou" From what what Ì remember from the commercial: Two X-trails are lined next to each other and the camera makes a...
  11. P

    Nissan Quest 2005

    Hi Everyone. The song in the new Nissan Quest 2005 is stuck in my head. The commercial consists of the car driving around a city while a male voice says "With its long wheel base, second and third row fold flat seats and dedicated storage space, theres plenty of cargo room in your 'Quest' for...
  12. K

    Nissan Armada

    Hey guys. I'm not even sure if it was the hummer but in the commercial the hummer is driving through hawaii(i think) and then it gets to the beach and everyone gets out... and thats it, i forgot most of it. Anyways, did anyone see that commercial and know what music's playing in it? Theres a...
  13. G

    Nissan Titan

    it has guitar at the beginning showing a truck then it goes into a closer view eventually u see the entire bttom of the truck. The truck is a titan i think
  14. D

    Nissan 2008 lineup

    Anyone remember a song that ran behind a Nissan truck ad (lots of flying mud, etc) that had about 3 guitar chords and was punctuated by a "Whoo Hoo!" at the beginning?
  15. dascoot

    Nissan National Year End Event

    I just saw this ad and I know someone's gonna wanna know what it is. It's an advertisement for the Year End event, and really all it shows is just clips of the assorted Nissans that are on sale.. and the song, ladies and gents, is Saliva "Click Click Boom", off the album Every Six Seconds.
  16. M

    Nissan Sentra water balloons

    whats the song called on the nissan sentra commercial with the guys throwing the water ballons at the other guy standing at the trash cans. If it helps any the song is a guy seeing opera
  17. T

    Nissan Titan

    Theres a brand new Nissan Titan commercial with only a small part of a song. its a bass guitar beat and some drums. its the same song that was used a while ago in a beer commercial. i forget what brand, but it had a guy walking through a bar looking at women and having captions appear as to what...
  18. S

    Nissan "Here It Is"

    Nissan "Here It Is" Has anyone seen the new Nissan commercial? They're re-playing the same music they've used in past commercials where the car is in a freeze frame caught on camera going down a street. Sounds like horns in the background. Great jazz music. What song is this??
  19. dascoot

    Nissan Frontier

    OK, now.. this one is hard for me not only because I don't know the make, model, or year of the truck but because there are two versions of this commercial. Alright, here goes.. In the ad there is this muted music - I guess supposedly coming from the inside of the truck. It's nighttime in what...