Nissan Quest 2005


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Hi Everyone.
The song in the new Nissan Quest 2005 is stuck in my head. The commercial consists of the car driving around a city while a male voice says "With its long wheel base, second and third row fold flat seats and dedicated storage space, theres plenty of cargo room in your 'Quest' for any spontaneous shopping sprees that may occur on the way home,etc."
Does anyone know the song?
Same her I can't stop humming it all'm also looking for the AXE commercial one.
I don't have an answer, but I'd also like to know! Please and thanks!
Yeah, me too Jtomsy, but I think this one will go unanswered. :(

Popoki, were you thinking of Make Luv by Room 5? Its the Axe commercial with the guy who gets stung by a bug that gets eaten by a frog etc.
Ahh man thats been buging me for the last couple weeks to, I hope we get a anwser.
Hey, I've heard different things regarding the nissan quest song. Unfortunately, one of them is that it was written specifically for that commercial, meaning you won't find it. However, I don't know how accurate that is, I read that in another message board *shrugs* I've also heard that it's a song called Everybody's Got Their Something by Nikka Costa... I haven't heard it so I don't know if it's true or not. Hope this helps!

Alright, it's not Nikka Costa, that song was from another car commercial.. maybe 2004 quest? Kinda sounds like Cherry Lips by Garbage.. sorta. Sorry to give the false hope =(
I think you might be right RavinBoi it probably is canned. Thanks for trying though.