1. P

    Nissan Titan XD "Shoulders Of Giants"

  2. O

    2014 Nissan Altima "Zero Gravity"

    I saw this commercial last night and knew I had the song somewhere... For those of you who have heard and are curious, the music is by Boards of Canada, the name of the track is Dayvan Cowboy from the Campfire Headphase album.
  3. C

    2014 Nissan Versa Note "Door Trip"

    I need help identifying the song in this commercial. Have tried using song ID app on my phone, and typing in the lyrics into google, as well as every variety of "Nissan" "Versa" "Commercial" "Song", all have failed to give me results. It did however lead me to a video of the commercial...
  4. jca

    Nissan "Get What You Want" Sales Event

  5. S

    2013 Nissan Altima "Unveiling"

    Ok, help me out here people. Wondering if anyone knows the name of this song (is it even a song, or a jingle that won't leave my head?). Thanks
  6. X

    2003 Nissan Pathfinder Brazil "Breast"

    I can't describe the lyrics, 'Else I'd search for it myself. I think the commercial was in 2006, And I don't know about an Armada or not, Just Pathfinder. It's the commercial with a female wearing a light blue bikini top in a car with a seatbelt flexing her breasts. About thirty seconds long...
  7. M

    Nissan "Innovations"

    What is the name of the song in the Nissan Leaf commercial that was played with 10:57 left in the second quarter of tonight's Saints/Packers game? The commercial's script goes, "Wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? If your car could adapt thirty times faster than you...
  8. K

    Nissan Versa

    There's a new Nissan commercial with a bunch of young kids in the car and the whole thing is done in fast motion, I was wondering if anyone here has seen it and knows the song and artist. Thanks in advance
  9. Guest

    2011 Nissan Leaf "Zero"

    Looking for the music played in this commercial. Any thoughts?
  10. L

    Nissan Now Sales Event March 2011

    I'm trying to figure out what song is used in this commercial without much luck. I feel like I heard it before in a movie and therefore don't think it was made specially for this commercial. It's driving me crazy. Here is the link if anyone else has some ideas.
  11. A

    Nissan Cube female rapper

    Does anyone know the song or artist on the new Cube commercial? It's a woman rapper, rappimg really fast. Thanks!!
  12. MojoeMAN

    2010 Nissan Leaf polar bear

    Can anyone identify the piano song in this ad?
  13. A

    Nissan "Innovations"

    I've had a few questions about the new Nissan ad "Innovations", with multiple car models, cool technological ideas and Robert Downey Jr. musing on "wouldn't that be cool?" The music was written by MassiveMusic, by the composer Kerry J Smith.
  14. Ryan1150

    Nissan Rogue 2010

    what was the name of the song they used in that commercial?:confused:
  15. S

    Nissan A to Z Year End Sales Event

    What is the name of the song used in the current commercial's for Nissan's A to Z Year End Sales Event?
  16. J

    Nissan Maxima

    Ok, this is super vague, but its been bothering me all day. All I can really remember is that at the end of the commercial the music goes "duuuun dun dun" on the guitar, then the vocalist lets out a long "Yeaaaaahhhh!"It's a male voice with a rock voice. If anyone has any clue what the song is...
  17. J

    Nissan tent event

  18. A

    Nissan Rogue 2009

    Does anybody know the song in the new Nissan Rogue 2009 commercial? It shows a woman going about her life with nothing having enough space. The lyrics are : Here is the secret I love that clumsy you And I am always smilin' At everything you do And even if you stumble Every little part of it...
  19. N

    Nissan Altima July 2009

    Does anyone know the name of the song on the new Nissan Altima commercial? It sounds like an electronic club song or something.
  20. W

    Nissan Sentra "Awake"

    Anyone seen this Nissan ad yet? The music for the ad is by a local band called Zeus and their song "How Does It Feel". I picked up their EP at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto last week. Great stuff.