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There's a new Nissan Armada ad, where there is a tan Armada driving through the woods, and eventually ends up on the beach where everyone jumps out and runs to the water. They've been playing this during Red Sox games. The song is great, but I have no idea who it is. Sounds like a cross between Hooverphonic and Stereolab. Anyone know this tune?
That's definitely not the song he's looking for. I've seen the same commercials during the Red Sox games.

The commercial features the Armada, which looks somewhat like an SUV, sitting on a beach. I'd also like to know the song. It's quite good.
Yes, my mistake. The ad is for the Nissan Armada, not the Quest. This one is driving me crazy!
It's "Surfin on a Rocket" by Air which is off the "Talkie Walkie" album
I've been looking all over for the song in a recent Nissan Armada commercial. It is NOT the commercial with Dick Dale playing th guitar but it is a similar commercial. It almost looks as if it is footage from the same commercial shoot and they just put it to new music. It's a song with a soft female voice and the end of the commercial has the lyrics of ".... on a rocket ... on a rocket". The commercial porbably only started airing a few weeks ago and I really like that song so please let me know if any of you have any idea.

Nevermind - found it on a post from a couple of weeks ago - the Song is "Surfin on a Rocket" by Air - Sorry.
Don't be fooled! That is no female voice you are hearing, Air is JB Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, two men.
Does anybody know the song to the new Nissan Armada comercial. THe one were the suv is heading to the beach and it's going threw the woods. Um it's not he one with Dick Dale. It has a sort of Techno beat. Also i think they say something like 30 more...( something).
Does anyone know the music being used in a very recent Nisson car commercial? It sounds sort of like contemporary electric pop. Thanks.
Anyone know the title or artist for the latest Nissan commercial for the Armada SUV. The last part of the commercial has the vehicle spinning around on a beach. Females singing in the song.............?
Yay! I searched through the forums to see if this question was already asked since I saw the commercial for the first time today. I love Air, and was hoping I could field the question. Oh well. Either way, I saw Air live this April and they rocked. Talkie Walkie is a cool album.
I bought that download it is a really cool song, Now i have to see the commerical.
can anybody tell me what music is being played in the new nissan armada commercial? i saw it for the first time today ( july 2nd). i cant really remember the visuals to the commercial except that there is like a waterfall or something and people are driving an suv in a tropical climate. I AM SO ARTICULATE. nonetheless, the song has a female voice in it and is mellow. thanks!