Nissan "Here It Is"


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Nissan "Here It Is"

Has anyone seen the new Nissan commercial? They're re-playing the same music they've used in past commercials where the car is in a freeze frame caught on camera going down a street. Sounds like horns in the background. Great jazz music. What song is this??
Haven't seen this ad. Nissan seems to be using a lot more distinctive music in their ads lately - emailing and asking them might get your answer.
The answer to the Nissan commercial where the car is getting photographed at the intersections is....."Last good day of the year" by Cousteau!
yes, indeed it is 'last good day of the year' by cousteau. they are an amazing band. this song is from their self-titled debut "cousteau" which was released in 2001. Their second album is titled "Sirena" and was released last year. they are basically a lounge/jazz influenced pop group with deep and seductive vocals from lead singer Liam McKahey. theyre a favorite of mine and i highly recommend you check them out !