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Song from Nissan X-Trail commercial where a man is heading home in his red Nissan X- Trail, and a woman pops up in the passenger seat, a baby in the back, then he gets into the driveway and his home morphs into a larger house, and then returns to it's regular size.
Originally posted by bufordpicklefeather@Sep 28 2005, 05:32 AM
the song is "so why can't I touch it?" by the Buzzcocks.
Thanks. It's stupid walking around with 25 seconds of music in your head, trying to communicate it to friends who already look at me like I'm half cocked. :D
Does anyone know what that new song is on the Nissan X-Trail commercial?

All I now it's the one where the guy is driving along and a girl unfolds in the passenger seat and a baby in the back seat. Then when he pulls into the driveway, the house morphs into a two storey.

Does that help?
Hello... Does anyone know the band and song on the latest Nissan Xterra commercial? The commercial shows a baby suddenly appearing on the front seat (made to look like it came out of the seat) followed by a dog etc.

The song contains the words "... It feels so unreal..." (or something similar) song is heavy on the bass and is reminisent of Supergrass (but I'm sure it's not them).

Any help is much appreciated!!
Is it The Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It?

Someone already answered this in another thread but I can't find it to post the link and say "uze serch nex tim u idiot" like some other people seem to enjoy doing. :lol: haw haw.
the one with the guy driving around and he has kids then none and all different landscapes and lifestyles. the song has a strong bassline and lyrics like "it seems so real" anyone know it? I just saw it like 20 times in the last 2 days.
It may this song:- “Why Can’t I Touch It?” by The Buzzcocks
Hey folks,

I was just curious. What's the name of the song in the Nissan X-trail commercial? It sounds like an old time rock song. It's the commercial where the guy is driving his X-Trail and things keep popping up and changing on him.
ie: a baby in the back seat pops up, he gets home and his house changes to a larger one before his eyes.....etc.

I think the lyrics go something like this: "...and it feels so good, I can see it..."
" looooonnnngggg..."

Do you all know what I'm talking about?????
i was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song where the man is driving in his nissan and things keep constantly changing. first he gets a baby in the back and then when he gets home his whole home begins to transform.