Excel gum

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I'm not talking about "Spinning as we go" one. I'm talking about the one that is on now sometimes and its girls singing, its a faster song like uk pop or something it starts slow and says "excellerate your breath" then it goes fast something like

"go go here we go happy with me now, go go here we go everyone BLEE BLAH!"

except those aren't the exact words except for the "go go here we go" part but it sounds like that. I can't make out the words but its really catchy and I've typed lyrics all over google and can't find it so please don't do the same and link me to a song that is nothing like what I described.

The commercial itself is the one where thei guy is in his messy car, and there is food and junk all over the place....a half eaten peice of pizza and coffee cup and those little alive food creatures in all the excel commercials, the donut ect are all on the passenger seat and he picks up gum and eats it. then all his friends get in the car with girls....

its really bugging me! lol thanks