1. S

    Extra gum "Origami"

    Beautiful piano.
  2. D

    Excel gum

    I'm not talking about "Spinning as we go" one. I'm talking about the one that is on now sometimes and its girls singing, its a faster song like uk pop or something it starts slow and says "excellerate your breath" then it goes fast something like "go go here we go happy with me now, go go here...
  3. H

    Gum Babe Magnet walks the street attracting girls

    This was an ad from last year. I think it was either Stride or Dentyne. A guy pops some gum then walks down the street. All of the women on the street are drawn to him and stick to him like glue till he end ups with about 10 women stuck to his face. Does anyone know what the ad is called and...
  4. chloe_hippy

    Excel gum what is that song? does anybody know?
  5. Alatar333

    Trident Xtra Care Gum

    I have seen some sort of toothpaste or gum commercial, I can't remember the brand for the life of me. But during the ad a man is clotheslined by a woman with many bags, but he falls and doesn't lose any teeth because the product has made his teeth stronger. He is later nearly run over by an old...
  6. S

    Dentyne "Make Face Time"

    Does anyone know the music to the new facebook-themed Dentyne commercial?
  7. D

    Mentos Gum

    Does anyone know the song playing in the background of the Mentos Gum Commercial were the girl pulls up the guys nose and drinks out of his mouth. (gross I know) There are no words to it just sounds like piano....any help would be great.
  8. A

    Orbit Gum

    Does anyone know the song at the end of the ad with the Wedding Reception for the Orbit Gum ad? It is the one where at the wedding reception everyone is talking about the bride and giving toasts. Thanks in advance
  9. J

    American Dental? Chewing Gum Tune

    Has anyone seen the ADA commerical that features Oribt Eclipse and another gum. The words have been changed but I can't figure out what the tune is from. The commercial starts out with just one guy singing then ends up with a whole group singing in the street. There is a gumisgood dot com...
  10. S

    Orbit professional chewing gum

    Hello all :) Can anyone tell me what's the name of the song and who sings it? It's in the background of this commercial .. only thing I can distinguish is "que maravilla" and "tienes" :( Thanks in advance!!!
  11. S

    Excel gum

    It's airing in Canada and I always hear it in the background when I'm doing something but when I get to the TV I just get there for the part where they show it's an excel gum commercial. It has a young woman singing in it and the song sounds fairly new. Anybody know what it is? I e-mailed...
  12. S

    Extra Gum "Chewphoria" train

    This is from a new commercial for Extra Gum I just saw. It starts out with a guy who chews a piece of gum, and the music fades in as the girl next to him starts to chew a piece. The lyrics sound something like: "Here comes the boss-man calling (calling), here comes the man right now (right...
  13. S

    Excel Tangerine Freeze Gum

    Does anyone know who sings this song in this commercial. Its a girl singer, thought maybe it was Courtney Love. I think the commercial has something to do with gum.
  14. A

    Dentyne Ice

    Anybody know that song on the new Dentyne Ice commerical where a guy and a girl and in a winter wonderland? The song has the lyrics of "Stuttering."
  15. C

    Wrigley's Extra Chewing Gum

    Please help looking for song on Extra's chewing gum commerical.
  16. O

    Wrigley's gum

    does anyone know the name of the song in the Wrigley's gum ad? its the one where animated donuts and other foods keep following the guy until he takes some gum and they get stuck in the elevator. its really cute><
  17. B

    Eclipse Fusion Gum "Kiss"

    Eclipse Fusion Gum "Kiss" Hey all! I was hoping I might be able to use the collective wisdom of the Adtunes community to find out what the song in this commercial is... Eclipse Kiss Commercial Many thanks in advance guys! :) BR
  18. D

    Dentyne ice wild winter

    The commercial where the boy's mom and dad are standing there, a girl infront of the boy and the boy is in the large plastic egg. Few people in the background in lab coats. Love the song, love this site... will be posting here regularly. Thanks for your help, Sc :ph34r: tt.
  19. J

    New Excel Extreme Gum Song

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the forums but have always referred here for songs I see on TV. The commercial for the new Excel Extreme Gum has one man in the driver seat of a cat that says "I can do, I can't do it". Then it shows other people like that. Really nice song in the...
  20. H

    orbit gum

    what is the song in the orbit whitening gum commercial?