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It's airing in Canada and I always hear it in the background when I'm doing something but when I get to the TV I just get there for the part where they show it's an excel gum commercial. It has a young woman singing in it and the song sounds fairly new. Anybody know what it is? I e-mailed Wrigley but I don't know if I get a response.
I'm looking for this song, too! It's when the screen folds over and 'brings people closer' or something. The song is really catchy, but I can't seem to find it.
I just saw this commercial today. I'm trying to find out who it is. It's possible it could have just been written for the ad, but I think it sounds like an actual song.
If/when I find out what the song is, I'll post it.
These are the words, i've been looking for the song too and the lyrics arent helping :(

i gave you my best looks
so it's really not that hard to see
why you caught my eye boy
why it's really meant to be
so stop being shy boy
it's time to try boy
and come on ?visit? with me
Originally posted by ktjill1987@Feb 8 2008, 12:50 AM
I believe the song your looking for is Bossman by Lucky Boys Confusion.
I think that song was used in the Extra gum commercial not Excel.
It's actually not a song. It's only a jingle that was written for the ad.
I absolutely fell in love with the song from the new excel gum commercial but it's not a song but a jingle. Is there any way to find and download the jingle?
I love that commercial. The guy at the end is cute. Does anyone know where he is from or who he is?