Nissan Armada

I was just wondering what the name of the song to the new Nissan Armada SUV was called. Thanks for any info. :)
What's name of song played in the Nissan Armada Commercial, anyone know?
What is the song that is playing on the new Nissan pathfinder armada commercial where the family drives out onto the sand of what appears to be a beach and the family goes into the water? it's not the one from 2003 when the pathfinder was introduced. the music has a female voice. thanks
:huh: i found it myself! but for anyone else out there the song is "surfing on a rocket" by Air
>>>Don't be fooled! That is no female voice you are hearing, Air is JB Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, two men. <<<

Air often uses guest singers on their songs...usually women. "All I Need" is possibly their best song and they have a guest female singer.
Thank God for search! i just saw this one on tv and wanted to know what it was.