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it has guitar at the beginning showing a truck then it goes into a closer view eventually u see the entire bttom of the truck.
The truck is a titan i think
its not buena because the one im talkin about is with a guitar not a bass

its like the newest truck commercial that nissan has for the titan
Yeah, this one sounds like the intro to a song, all guitar riff, no drums or base. Dying to know what it is....?
Its NOT Buena.....differently NOT it.

Its not fast enough and hard enough. Nor is it the song from snatch.
nnaconsumeraffairs at

Dear ,

Thank you for taking the time to personally contact Nissan about your interest in our Titan commercials.

The music is an original score that was created by Stimmung, a music production company located in Santa Monica, CA, specifically for the Titan commercial.

If you need any additional information or have further questions, please let us know by reply e-mail or by calling 1-800-647-7263 and pressing "0" for a live operator.

At Nissan, we are committed to a high level of customer service.


Nissan North Americ
Now THAT'S an answer. I guess it would be too much to hope that anyone fro GM is paying attention to the custoer service ethics of their competition. ;)

I know it has been a while since this was posted but the song in the truck commercial is "Dance to the Underground" by Radio 4. I found it months ago.
You know, that other one that everyone says is "Buena" by Morphine....I DLed "Buena" from iTunes, and I don't think it's the one. I bet it's another of those proprietary tunes created by Stimmung, or at the very least a different version of "Buena." The riff is subtly different in the commercial and builds with violins and drums, very cool in total. "Buena" is not anywhere near as cool, and it has lyrics to boot.

My $.02.