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Hey guys. I'm not even sure if it was the hummer but in the commercial the hummer is driving through hawaii(i think) and then it gets to the beach and everyone gets out... and thats it, i forgot most of it. Anyways, did anyone see that commercial and know what music's playing in it? Theres a woman singing in it and its very soft. I checked the hummer web site and no luck.
Would it happen to be "It's Very Sunny" by Casino Versus Japan? You never know, that may be the song. It reminded me of it because you said it was in Hawaii, and CVJ's album is named "Go Hawaii"

Or, you may be looking for the same commercial I am: The Nissan Armada commercial. The woman signing says something like... "Riding on a rocket"

Correct me if I'm wrong.

EDIT: :UsedSearch:, "Surfin' on a Rocket" by Air.
yea, that's it! It was the nissan armada. thanks for reminding me and for finding the song. ;)
Looking for the name of the song playing in the background advertising a Nissan SUV; the commercial has a family in the SUV who goes out for a surf. At the end of the commercial it flashed "Kahuna" or something of that sort. Thanks

This song is absolutely incredible. Pure chill with a side of euphoria.
The "Kahuna" you're thinking off probably refers to the artist FC Kahuna. I don't remember the exact song used in the commercial you referenced but I think it might be "Machine Says Yes". It sounds like it was really the Hummer commercial you were thinking of, but I figured I'd post in case anyone was searching for the Nissan one.