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  1. A


    Trying to find the song from "Brickleberry season 3 episode 11 Cops and Bottoms" where the Pope starts singing Money Money, yeah Money Money, uh Money Money, what? Money Money, yeah uh its the latest episode that came out April 1st...
  2. coolislandsong

    The Colbert Report

    New to these forums. In fact i registered because there is this one song that is driving me insane (bordering on literally)! It was playing during the finalist segment of the first Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge...
  3. G

    South Park Season 15

    I recorded this audio clip off of an older South Park episode (s15e3). Wasn't able to find any info on the music when I last Googled for it. Clip is here. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Shazam doesn't have anything.
  4. jca

    The Colbert Report Sell-Out-Off

    On the January 11th episode of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, host Stephen Colbert discussed his ballot voting choices for the Grammy Awards. 370725 Colbert had trouble deciding who should win the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album, so he invited nominees The Black Keys and Vampire...
  5. E


    All right, music detectives. I registered on this site just to ask you this. On the most recent Futurama promo commercials (including a quick scene in which Fry re-enacts the end of Planet of the Apes, crying out at the statues of liberty), they're playing something awesome in the background...
  6. K


    Does anyone know what song was playing during the Afro Ninja segment of the first episode? It sounded like some weird version of Viva la Vida. Wish I could give a link, but the video on the website has a different song playing while they're doing backflips for some reason.
  7. R

    Reno 911

    Right now comedy central has a little commercial/promo thing they air between shows and stuff for reno 911, it has a trumpet trombone some kind of horn, and its a really easy going almost latin sounding vibe to it. I really think its been used before somewhat often in tv and movies. Thanks for...
  8. P

    Important Things with Demetri Martin

    What's the opening theme of Important Things With Demetri Martin?
  9. B

    A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!

    Hi. On Stephen Colbert's new christmas cd, is the Nutmeg song a spoof of one of John Legends own songs?
  10. mrbootsy

    A Colbert Christmas

    This is a long shot, but anyone happen to know whose instrumental version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is heard in at least one of the Comedy Central commercials for Colbert's Christmas special (A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!)? It sounds twangy, but it's not the Los...
  11. S

    Comedy Central station ID music

    Does anyone know the name of the song/beat that plays during the "this show is brought to you by" ads. It also plays during their Station ID.
  12. R

    South Park Season 12

    South Park "Pandemic 2 - The Startling" season 12 Anyone know the name of the song or artist of the song that plays at the very beginning? The lyrics are something like "homeless state of mind"
  13. A

    South Park Season 11

    In the South Park Easter Special, both when Stan was being chased by the Hare Club for Men, and when the camera zooms in on the Mall Easter Bunny, there's some drum-heavy, dramatic music that plays that sounded really cool. Anyone have any idea what it was? I need to know!
  14. stonefox_gurl

    The Sarah Silverman Program

    The episode where she's getting questioned for her HIV test. As the nurse asks questions she goes in a dizzy motion and this song that has the lyrics "Ringing in my head" it's a woman singing in a low voice. Anyone know what it is?
  15. B

    South Park Season 3

    In the Halloween episdoe of south park where Corn guest stared, what is the name of the song they were playing at the end of the episode at the credits?
  16. The_Mario_Man

    South Park Season 10

    The music plays after the "smug" destroys South Park, and people start trying to rebuild. Does anyone know what this song is, or was it created just for that episode?
  17. S

    South Park Season 4

    Theres this song in the episode of South Park where the kids have all the adults arrested saying they were molested.Then the town is abandoned.The song is kind of errie,like a girl vocalizing. They played it when these two adults spot a group of kids, my brother told me that they also play that...
  18. E

    South Park Season 1

    In the ever-loved 'Cartman gets an anal probe' episode, does anyone know the song in which he's under alien control (and later, the cows are dancing) with the lyrics that go a li'l sumthin like... "I like to sing-a; about the sun-a and the moon-a and the spring-a; I like to sing-a 'Bout the sky...
  19. I

    South Park Season 9

    South Park "The Losing Edge" season 9 What is the song that they would play they showed stans dad? It was like.. "Im the best!" i know for sure they played it at the end when he jumped in the air and they froze the screen. thanks
  20. A

    The Daily Show

    Okay. The Daily Show theme song sounds a lot like a theme song from a Nickelodeon or Disney show, and I cannot for the life of me figure out which one. My friend says that she thinks the show is live action and the opening sequence involves a school hallway and a camera, but she's not sure...